Is Nevada Legally A State?

Al Benson, jr at Revised History sheds some interesting light on Nevada’s interesting statehood. “What it boils down to is that the folks in Nevada supposedly disclaimed any title to “unappropriated public lands lying within said territory…”In other words, the feds, way back in 1864, got to keep most of the land in Nevada and […]

History Under Seige

Washington and Lee College is under seige by “The Committee”. What? That’s a stupid question, of course its a black student group. VIA Amren Above The Law Here is a list of demands from a group of black law students calling themselves “The Committee”: Here is a list of the FOUR DEMANDS: 1. We demand […]

China Begins Foreclosure

Via Spec-Ops Medic WND On Jan 20, 2013, WND warned Chinese-government-backed economists were proposing a plan to allow Chinese corporations to set up “developmental zones” in the United States as part of a plan proposed by the Chinese governement to convert into equity the more than $1 trillion in US Treasury debt owned by the […]

Changing Politics

Pat Buchanan at VDare On our TV talk shows and op-ed pages, and in our think tanks here, there is rising alarm over events abroad. And President Obama is widely blamed for the perceived decline in worldwide respect for the United States. Yet, still, one hears no clamor from Middle America for “Action This Day!” […]

20 Wounded At Pennsylvania School

No word on whether the suspect is Chinese or not. Via Squirrel’s Nest Fox Twenty people, including 19 students, were wounded — four seriously — during a stabbing spree early Wednesday at a high school near Pittsburgh and a 16-year-old male student is in custody, authorities say. As word of the incident spread and children […]

Chasing The American Dream

I was perusing the FBI’s most wanted lists and I noticed that all of them are dominated by foreigners. The majority are hispanic of one flavor or another, but there are numerous middle easterners and indians. The violent crimes are almost all brown people while the white collar and criminal enterprise lists are have alot […]

Interesting Comment

I ended up here in a roundabut way: First Things Gil Costello [the subject is needle exchanges and safe sex] “…There is much gained interiorly with dancing at death’s door that goes much deeper than even nihilistic excitement. At the heart of a rebellious life, which includes a gay lifestyle and a heroin addict lifestyle, […]

Buchanan: Who’s Side Is God On Now?

Pat Buchanan In his Kremlin defense of Russia’s annexation of Crimea, Vladimir Putin, even before he began listing the battles where Russian blood had been shed on Crimean soil, spoke of an older deeper bond. Crimea, said Putin, “is the location of ancient Khersones, where Prince Vladimir was baptized. His spiritual feat of adopting Orthodoxy […]

Another Banker Bites The Dust

Daily Smug JPM attorney Joseph Giampapa was killed over the weekend when he was struck by a minivan in a hit and run incident. Giampapa was reportedly hit and thrown 150 ft and was pronounced dead at the scene. No charges have been filed. It gets better: Giampapa was JP Morgan’s top commercial bankruptcy lawyer (SVP). […]

Germany Boots Unemployed Migrants

Via Brittius Press TV More than 10,000 Spanish citizens who get unemployment benefits in Germany face expulsion, with Berlin having ordered European Union employment migrants to sign job contracts within six months. German Chancellor Angela Merkel recently announced that migrants who do not sign such a contract after the period will have to leave Germany, […]

French Political Shakeup

via Amren Daily Mail Fights started outside French town halls tonight as they came under the control of the far-right National Front for the first time following dramatic gains in local elections. Exit polls suggested that the anti-immigration and anti-Europe party had roundly beaten the governing Socialists in a number of key constituencies. ‘Demonstrators are […]


Donald A Collins explains Germany’s idea for keeping jobs in Germany and asks whether it could work here. its an interesting idea, and we definitely need something other than communism or Darwinian free markeeterism if we want to remain a first world country. VDare German companies use a practice called “codetermination” which creates shared management […]

Sing Like A Bagpipe

UPDATE: I added a second video of seven different traditional styles at the bottom. On some of them you have to listen closely to hear the melody and some are obvious. I’m gonna learn how to do this just to annoy my wife! You may have seen the Big Bang Theory where Tuvan Throat Singing […]

SPLC And ADL Droppped From FBI Website

Via Amren Washington Examiner “The Southern Poverty Law Center, which has labeled several Washington, D.C.-based family organizations as “hate groups” for favoring traditional marriage, has been dumped as a “resource” on the FBI‘s Hate Crime Web page, a significant rejection of the influential legal group. The Web page scrubbing, which also included eliminating the Anti-Defamation […]

Stiff Necked

Related to this post. St John Chrysostom cAD 386 II But do not be surprised that I called the Jews pitiable. They really are pitiable and miserable. When so many blessings from heaven came into their hands, they thrust them aside and were at great pains to reject them. The morning Sun of Justice arose […]

Bullet, Meet Foot

Via Vox Day The Jews are shocked that years of attacking Christianity  overtly and through politics has led to this generation of evangelical Christians being less pro Israel than the last. Haaretz Support for Israel is weakening among evangelical Christians, prompting a new struggle for the hearts and minds of younger members of America’s largest […]

Debt Money

Zero Hedge on money creation. Bank of England: “Broad money is a measure of the total amount of money held by households and companies in the economy. Broad money is made up of bank deposits — which are essentially IOUs from commercial banks to households and companies — and currency — mostly IOUs from the […]

Saint Patrick

Born a Roman Britain probably sometime around 390 at Kilpatrick near Dumbarton, Scotland St patrick was the son of a deacon and the grandson of a priest. According to his semi-biographical Confessio, he wasn’t a devout Christian. At the age of 16, Patrick was captured by an Irish raiding party and taken to Ireland a […]

Serenissima Seeks Independence

Via Brittius National Post Voting begins Sunday on a referendum on whether Venice and its surrounding region should secede from the rest of Italy, in an attempt to restore its 1,000-year history as a sovereign republic. La Serenissima — or the Most Serene Republic of Venice — was an independent trading power for a millennium […]

SPLC Subpoenaed

Via Daily Kenn CNS News A local official in Virginia has subpoenaed the Montgomery, Alabama-based Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) and the SPLC Task Force on Hate in the Public Sphere for the criteria it uses to designate other organizations as “hate groups.”The subpoenas were filed February 28th in Loudoun County Circuit Court. They request […]

Beer Month

JD News RALEIGH — In recognition of North Carolina’s 100 craft breweries and their positive impact on the state’s economy, Governor Pat McCrory has proclaimed April 2014 as “North Carolina Beer Month.” NC Beer Month, co-sponsored by the North Carolina Division of Tourism and the North Carolina Craft Brewers Guild, encourages residents and travelers alike […]

There Goes The Neighborhood

Apparently, the patriot/militia/III%/Kerodin/etc are now looking at an “Appalachian Redoubt”. They’re planning, scheming, organising and getting ready to create a Republic of Appalachia, they even have a facebook page. I have no respect for these jokers, I just hope they don’t drive property prices up.

Apocalyptic Inconvenience

Ostrander thinks he has a winter story, but I have a tale that will chill his Hoosier heart. Friday  7 march 2014 0500 I awoke with a petulant groan when the fan cut off. Little did I know that this would be the first inconvenience of the most boring  48 hours of my life. I […]

Dead Financiers Redux

I recently posted about the “suicide” by nailgun of Richard Talley being the fourth financier to succumb to suicide. Zero Hedge has an updated list of the now nine financiers in their post about a BitCoin exchange CEO’s possible suicide. The nine are: 1 – William Broeksmit, 58-year-old former senior executive at Deutsche Bank AG, […]

OTMs In Syria

OTMs in Syria via Borderland Beat. I am not surprised, I have predicted that the cartels will “islamicise*” in the near future. We got ‘em in NC, too. Borderland Beat Two members of the Los Angles Sureños,(southerners as in southern California) the Mexican Mafia affiliated gang, Sureños, also have ties with Mexican cartels and MS-13, […]

Who Won The Cold War?

“Everybody knows” that Ronald Reagan led the US to victory in the Cold War with the help of Margaret Thatcher’s Britain. Al Benson, jr at Revised History posted on the Ukrainian mess: “We need to get one thing straight here. Obama is a Marxist. Putin, the supposedly ex-KGB man, is a Marxist. So who’s kidding […]

Disclaimer Added To Noah Trailers

I’m shocked! I can’t believe that Noah, the new Russell Crowe movie, is anything other than a literal retelling of the Bibical narrative! Who would have thought hollywood would do that! Seriously, though, who would have thought Hollywood would turn a thousand word story into an epic adventure drama that strictly adhered to the source […]

Africa, Whatcha Gonna Do? Part 2

Ah, Africa, if you didn’t exist, racist comedians would have to invent you. Maybe they did, I don’t know. I once described Africa as cartoonishly violent, I thought it was hyperbole, but then Aimless Gromar mentioned this site. C’mon Africa, its getting hard to take you seriously anymore.      

Interesting Factoid

The Roman conquest of Britain began around AD 43 under Claudius, and Christianity reached the isle by the second century. Yet, the Irish, who were never Roman, were responsible for spreading it through what is today Scotland, Wales, England and the Western continent. Like a wave rebounding off a wall.

Immigration, Minimum Wage And Off Shoring

At Vdare, Ann Coulter has a piece about the minimum wage. Her contention is that a minimum wage debate is a political jackpot for the dems; they can’t lose. “It’s win-win-win-win-win for Democrats. Employees who get a higher minimum wage are grateful to the Democrats. Employees who lose their jobs because of the minimum wage […]

Pay Up Whitey

Via Amren Telegraph A coalition of 14 Caribbean states, including Jamaica, agrees with Mr Thompson, and is now mounting the first united campaign for reparations from Britain over its role in the Atlantic slave trade. Represented by CARICOM, the regional organisation, the group is prepared to sue in the courts. It has hired Leigh Day, […]

Some Don Colacho

I read these occasionally when the internet is having a slow day. Here’s a few: Concerning himself intensely with his neighbor’s condition allows the Christian to dissimulate to himself his doubts about the divinity of Christ and the existence of God. Charity can be the most subtle form of apostasy. The particular creature we love […]