Germany May Be Preparing To repel Invaders

Three stories! (pica st the bottom) Breitbart ‘Local youth activists in Saxony have bricked up the entrance to a migrant voting station to protest what they see as a potential pathway for migrants to to eventually vote in German elections. Early Friday morning members of the “Kontra-Kultur Halle” (Counter Culture in the city of Halle), an autonomous group […]

Darkest Death

“Children, black or white, when deprived of fathers, grow up angry at their parents,” Peterson writes. “White children displace their anger in a thousand different directions. Black children, for the most part, channel theirs in a single destructive direction — towards and against white people.” Read more:

Winter Is Heating Up In Corsica

IBN Demonstrators ransacked a Muslim prayer hall and attempted to burn copies of the Koran on the French island of Corsica on Friday, police said, following a night of violence that left two firefighters injured. Tensions had mounted in Ajaccio on Christmas Day after two firefighters and a police officer were wounded overnight in Jardins […]

For Me But Not For Thee

Free Beacon ‘One of Europe’s most prominent Jewish organizations is petitioning the European Union to pass new legislation that would permit Jewish community members to carry guns “for the essential protection of their communities,” according to a letter obtained by the Washington Free Beacon. The European Jewish Association (EJA), which represents Jewish communities across Europe, […]

Muslims Flee Secular Turkey For Family Friendly ISIL/ISIS/IS (Whatever We’re Calling Them Now)

Apparently, muslims in Turkey are looking for a place more in line with their values than a modern, industrial, secular country. ‘ISTANBUL (AP) — Asiya Ummi Abdullah doesn’t share the view that the Islamic State group rules over a terrorist dystopia and she isn’t scared by the American bombs falling on Raqqa, its power center […]

Syrians In North Carolina

I thought it was odd that so many foreigners (and not just Yankees) lived in my area. We’ve got Hmong and Montagnards from SE Asia, Nigerians (some with tribal scaring- diversity bonus points!), Jamaicans, various South and Central Americans, Pakistanis and Indians (dots and feathers, but the feathers are indigenous). Turns out we have our […]

Vox Day On Weaponizing Girls

Vox Day It is apparent that the cunning plan of Western liberals to destroy the Dar al-Islam  by pushing secularized Western education on Islamic women has been comprehended by the strategists of the global Caliphate. The jihadists are responding in two ways, by infiltrating and taking over educational facilities in the West and by destroying […]

OTMs In Syria

OTMs in Syria via Borderland Beat. I am not surprised, I have predicted that the cartels will “islamicise*” in the near future. We got ’em in NC, too. Borderland Beat Two members of the Los Angles Sureños,(southerners as in southern California) the Mexican Mafia affiliated gang, Sureños, also have ties with Mexican cartels and MS-13, […]

The Original 9/11

I did not know this happened on 9/11, i probably should have. “The Battle of Vienna took place on 11 and 12 September[10] 1683 after Vienna had been besieged by the Ottoman Empire for two months. It was a battle of the Holy Roman Empire in league with the Polish- Lithuanian Commonwealth (Holy League) versus […]


In keeping with my last post on Sharia Unveiled being suspended by WordPress, here’s a Liberty GB post on the Crusades. Liberty Great Brittain One of the idiocies passed off for decades among Western historians is bemoaning the Crusades as evil. The Islamic world – the Ummah – has disseminated this imaginary charge against the […]

Lawfare Backfires

VIA FreeNC USA Today DETROIT — There have been only two McDonald’s restaurants in the U.S. that have offered halal food. Both were in east Dearborn, Mich., which has a sizable population of Arab-American Muslims. But after a contentious lawsuit that accused the restaurant chain of selling non-halal items advertised as halal, McDonald’s has yanked […]

What Will The TSA Do About This?

Bordering an airplane may get A LOT more, errr, uncomfortable. NY Times Now, months after that attack, on Dec. 6, a spokesman for the National Directorate of Security, Shafiqullah Tahiri, confirmed that the attacker had hidden the bomb inside his rectum. Two other Afghan security officials, speaking on the condition of anonymity, confirmed that the […]

Was That Intolerant?

H/T Free NC WKRN “Near the end of the presentation, an American-born, Muslim woman talked about the 2007 arson of a mosque in Columbia, Tennessee, to show the impact of hate crimes. A large number of attendees cheered.” I can’t get the video to embed, so go to Free North Carolina to see it.

Narco Jihadis

POVERTY + MARXISM = ISLAM? Ynet news “US intelligence indicates that Mexico is home to some 200,000 Syrian and Lebanese immigrants – most of them illegal – who were able to cross the border via an extensive web of contacts with drug cartels, both in Mexico and in other countries in South America.” “Western intelligence […]

What Islam Is Not

Below is a video from 2009 posted at Sharia Unveiled, but first a few numbers: According to Wikipedia, the US is .8% muslim According to Islamic Valley[.com] there are 33 mosques in NC. A google maps search “Mosque in NC” comes back with 31, also. Carolina Muslims [.com] gives 28 with Charlotte, Durham and Raleigh […]

What Makes Terrorism Different From Violent Crime?

According to the FBI report Terrorism 2002-2005, ” There is no single, universally accepted, definition of terrorism. Terrorism is defined in the Code of Federal Regulations as “the unlawful use of force and violence against persons or property to intimidate or coerce a government, the civilian population, or any segment thereof, in furtherance of political […]

Buddhists Turn The Table On Muslims

So, I thought Buddhism was all peaceful and stuff, but apparently, to paraphrase Popeye, they’ve stands all they can stands and they can’t stands no more! Sharia Unveiled (this site has a lot of good stuff!) LASHIO, Myanmar (TheBlaze/AP) — More than 1,000 Muslims who fled Myanmar’s latest bout of sectarian violence huddled Thursday in […]

More On Syrian Christian Cleansing

H/T Free NC Sharia Unveiled The U.S. and other Western governments that are backing the FSA have acknowledged the presence of jihadists but insist that they’re only a small part of the rebel movement. However, al-Qaeda and other Islamic extremist groups have been at the front of the rebel movement since day one of the […]

Syrian Rebels Massacre Christian Village

H/T Free NC Ahlul Bayt News Agency [I am not familiar with this agency and it is Iranian, so use your judgement] The armed rebels affiliated to the Free Syrian Army (FSA) raided the Christian-populated al-Duvair village in Reef (outskirts of) Homs near the border with Lebanon today and massacred all its civilian residents, including […]


Muslim terrorists are a potential problem, but I worry more about the cartels. Anti-illegal immigration activists have pointed to the possibility of muslim terrorists crossing the border illegally from Mexico. Well, I can go you one better, how about a mexican cartel member who’s a muslim? Fox 16 “LITTLE ROCK, AR – Some suspected members […]