Rebellious Nature

The individual today rebels against immutable human nature so that he might refrain from amending his own correctable nature.

-Don Colacho


2 thoughts on “Rebellious Nature

  1. I found myself more intrigued by Don Colacho’s quotes on reactionaries than the ones on revolutionaries.

    I was trying to think of revolutions that actually improved the affected societies. It seems like those that involved secession of some sort, as compared to the overthrow of a central government, made the lives of their people better in the medium to long-term. Probably Don Colacho would have called such movements a ‘rebellion’ rather than revolution.

    Revolutions that deposed the central government seem to have exchanged the rule of one dominant group for less secure (and thereby harsher) rule by another, with a lot of blood spilled in between.

    • ‘Revolution is progressivist and seeks the strengthening of the state; rebellion is reactionary and seeks its disappearance.The revolutionary is a potential government official; the rebel is a reactionary in action.’

      ‘Useless, like a revolution.’

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