Apparently, There Are More And More Jobs Americans, And Tarheels, Won’t Do

CIS Among the findings: The total number of working-age (16 to 65) immigrants (legal and illegal) holding a job in North Carolina increased by 313,000 from the first quarter of 2000 to the first quarter of 2014, while the number of working-age natives with a job declined by 32,000 over the same time. The fact […]

A New Necessity

Just got back from OBX and I have decided that I need a 4 wheel drive van. A van gives plenty of space for family and gear, and can pull a boat. A quick google search led me to U-Joint Off Road, an NC company near Asheville. They specialise in making 4X4 conversion kits for […]

State Senate Blocks Auto Maker’s Attempt To Sell Directly To The Public

Yahoo Autos Tesla Motors has become the belle of Wall Street over the past week after revealing its first quarterly profit and receiving the top score ever from Consumer Reports for the Tesla Model S electric luxury sedan. But those accomplishments haven’t played well yet in North Carolina, where the state Senate unanimously passed a […]

Some Tidbits Found On Plott Hound

Carolina Plott Hound Former Rep. Shumer goes to work for Duke Energy proving, once again, that Congress is just try outs for lobbying. Mary Lee swims up Cape Fear River. Laurie Foreman arrested, again. Illegal Mexican re-imported to get custody of his kids. I think, if he’s going to get custody, then the kids should […]

Carding Illegal Aliens

“Police leaders will explore whether they can use a private identification card to help them identify undocumented immigrants, police told residents at a forum Sunday.” “Winston-Salem police accept identification cards issued by the nonprofit CHANGE to help them tell who someone is if the person doesn’t have a government-issued ID” So they can arrest them, […]

NC Owes Fed $3 Billion For Unemployment Benefits

From the Charlotte Observer: “Lew Ebert, CEO of the North Carolina Chamber, stopped by the Observer editorial board Wednesday to talk about it. Ebert said the unemployment debt — not taxes, not regulations — was the single biggest cloud hovering over the state’s economy. Those other issues can’t really be tackled until state leaders deal with the debt, […]