Agree And Amplify

Self determined, a la carteĀ  identity has become all the rage lately. Can men who claim to be women use women’s bathrooms? Are they in fact women? Does reality matter at all? The answer seems to be no. So, should I become an employer again, I would hire highly qualified straight, white men and have […]

Love of Money…

‘In proportion as economic life grew to be the dominant mistress of the state, money became the god whom all had to serve and to whom each man had to bow down. More and more, the gods of heaven were put into the corner as obsolete and outmoded, and in their stead incense was burned […]

Defining Women

I don’t do twitter, but somebody linked to some funny tweets from PaxDickinson and this one caught my eye: ‘In 2016 we’re focused on protecting “women”, which is currently defined as a group that excludes Sarah Palin but includes Bruce Jenner’