Not This Year

Most years I spend a lot of time driving listening to the radio. Not this year, though, so right off the bat that removed a lot of the irritation I usually experience during the Yule Tide. A second difference between this and previous years is my Christmas mp3 player I prepared at the end of […]

Yet Again…

I never listen to Christmas music or allow any decorations before Thanksgiving.  Well, Thanksgiving was yesterday and I turned on 99.5 last night and again today for a total of thirty minutes or so. All I can say is while the commercials were different from last year, the music was the same as ever. I […]

Nollaig Chridheil

Well, 99.5’s Christmas rotation seems to be even less varied than in years past and you can probably guess my feelings about that. My annual Christmas tradition must, therefore, continue. We’ll begin this years’ Christmas season with a selection from Caledonia, or Alba if you prefer:   *nollayk chree-ell  ‘Merry Christmas’ in Gàidhlig, ie Scottish […]

Some Christmas Music

With art by Thomas Kinkade   0:00:00 Hark! The Herald Angels Sing – Wells Cathedral Choir 0:02:58 Unto Us A Son Is Born – Guildford Cathedral Choir 0:05:02 O Little Town Of Bethlehem – Norwich Cathedral Choir 0:08:14 The Holly & The Ivy – Norwich Cathedral Choir 0:10:16 Away In A Manger – Norwich Cathedral […]

Viderunt Omnes-Perotin

“Viderunt Omnes” is a traditional Gregorian chant of the 11th century. The work is based on an ancient gradual of the same title, which was previously expanded upon by composers of the Notre Dame school. This organum, thought to be written for Christmas festivities, would have retained the same purpose as the original gradual – […]

Sing Like A Bagpipe

UPDATE: I added a second video of seven different traditional styles at the bottom. On some of them you have to listen closely to hear the melody and some are obvious. I’m gonna learn how to do this just to annoy my wife! You may have seen the Big Bang Theory where Tuvan Throat Singing […]

Christmas Carols

Magic 99.5 began their 24 hour Christmas song rotation about a week before Thanksgiving and I noticed they’re actually only playing different versions of a few songs, and most of them aren’t very good. So I did some research for old and ancient Christmas songs and carols. Youtube, the absolute, without a doubt best thing […]

The More Things Change…

Our music was once divided into its proper forms…It was not permitted to exchange the melodic styles of these established forms and others. Knowledge and informed judgment penalized disobedience. There were no whistles, unmusical mob-noises, or clapping for applause. The rule was to listen silently and learn; boys, teachers, and the crowd were kept in […]