1963 Letter From Kennedy To Ben-Gurion

Apparently, in May 1963 Kennedy wrote a letter to Israeli PM Ben-Gurion containing a veiled threat to cut off US aid if Israel didn’t allow US inspectors into their Dimona facility and stop trying to develop nuclear weapons. Six months later he was assassinated. Could be coincidence or it could be ‘cohencidence’, you be the judge.

Here’s the letter.

2 thoughts on “1963 Letter From Kennedy To Ben-Gurion

  1. From what I can piece together out of the murkiness, it seems JFK managed to piss off quite a few power interests while he was president. The exiled or red Cubans, the Russians, the CIA, the mob, the corrupt unions, the bankers, LBJ, and this is the first I’ve heard about Israel. He apparently didn’t want to play ball with these people.

    If Trump gets elected, he ought to ride around in a pope-mobile if he doesn’t want the same fate.

    • I don’t know about the Cubans, the mob or who backed LBJ, but the rest of the list- the Russians (USSR at the time), unions, bankers and the CIA (government)- all ‘echo’ as they say. It does stand to reason, if Israel will hunt down and execute 80 year old ex-Nazis and spend 20 years hunting down the PLO organisers of the ’72 Olympic shooting in Munich, then how far would they go to protect nuke development and financial interests?

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