Two Interesting Facts I didn’t Know

Apparently the perjorative ‘kike’ comes from the Yiddish word for circle. There is evidence that it originates from the late 19th/early 20th century migrations where illiterate jews entering through Ellis Island couldn’t sign their names, but instead of using the traditional ‘X’ they drew a circle.


The second one is a jewish tradition dating from the 19th century (and possibly earlier) where jewish math texts didn’t use the ‘+’ sign for addition, instead using a sort of inverted ‘T’. This is apparently still the case in Israeli elementary schools and among religious writers.




3 thoughts on “Two Interesting Facts I didn’t Know

  1. So are you saying that Jews are really vampires? Blood-sucking parasites who are afraid of Christian crosses?

    Oy vey! I’m starting to get the idea around this place that you don’t like Jews very much!

  2. In some criminal elements, the circle, also represents, “this thing of ours”. In fact, La Cosa Nostra, in Sicilian language, translates literally into, “this thing of ours”. Identification of criminal group as opposed to identification of a closed religious sect.

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