Plott Hound 1/31

I’m still looking for one! Warren Buffet buys News and Record and other local papers.  (I think we need a discussion about anti-trust laws for the media) Gun legislation. Greensboro City Council member is a police informant. Man deported three times since 2008, arrested again in Wake County.

I Have Become Libertarian!

Having spent way too much of my short life arguing with “libertarians” on Vox Day’s blog, yesterday, I am more convinced than ever that “libertarianism” is a political unicorn, or, maybe, a leprechaun. Leprechauns are a little more masculine and libertarians seem to be mostly male (and possibly drunk). Whichever, its not a real thing. […]


On the same subject as this post. Flipping channels, I came across an interview with a man involved with the Reginal Denney beating during the LA riots of the early 90s. He was unapologetic about the chimpout. I looked up VH1’s schedule and found out its a Rock Doc called Uprising:Hip Hop and the LA […]

Gun Control, Immigration And Reality

I keep hearing that diversity is our strength, but reading the FBIs 2011 national Gang Threat Assessment, I have my doubts. For instance, we’ve all heard about the Crips, Bloods and Latin Kings, but how about: Asian Gangs “Asian gangs, historically limited to regions with large Asian populations, are expanding throughout communities nationwide. Although often […]

NC Schools Doing Away With Cursive

Found this on Plott Hound WRAL: “Cursive handwriting, once a standard part of the three R’s in elementary school, is no longer required to be taught in North Carolina. The death of cursive instruction is linked to the national common core standards that North Carolina and 44 other states have adopted to standardize educational goals […]

Gun Confiscation-How I’d Do It

The talk of physical gun confiscation turns pretty quickly to “kicking in doors would be a blood bath”. That’s not how to go about it, though, you can’t kick in 100 million doors, the logistics make it impossible and, more importantly, the PR would be terrible. After the first thousand or so, people would be […]

Great White In Pamlico Sound

WCTI12:   A 16-foot long Great White Shark’s tracking beacon shows the fish made a visit to Eastern Carolina’s Pamlico Sound Monday afternoon.  The shark’s beacon pinged right off the shore of Ocracoke Island.  The shark crossed through the Ocracoke Inlet Monday afternoon and then left by the same route Monday evening.

Alotta Plott

I need a plott hound puppy! VIA Carolina Plott Hound: McCrory tells Obama admin he backs wind farms, he should read about Germany’s experience. Greensboro is offering a cash prize for economic ideas. Raleigh guarantees affordable housing for artists. Gaston County asks State to remove public access to gun permit records. WNC dam releases water […]

Proclamation Of Caesar Egregio-Federal Agencies, Part The Second

I, Caesar Egregio, Regnum Imperium of the united States of America, having partial understanding of the vii chord in traditional harmony, do hereby decree the following: The Environmental protection Agency will be severely downsized as fits it’s new role of interstate mediator. The EPA will now serve the role of mediating between States for environmental […]

Dem Rep Says Women Should Serve In Combat, But Can’t Handle “Assault Rifles”

From The Blaze: “Rep. Carolyn McCarthy — a strong proponent for women serving in military combat roles — appeared on CNN’s Piers Morgan Tonight Thursday to make the case for Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s assault weapons ban.  To that end, McCarthy argued that women should use traditional rifles rather than assault rifles because the former would […]

The Decision

This is a follow up to my last post. The power is out due to a natural disaster. It has been out for a day or two and is expected to be out for a while according to your battery powered radio. Your family is safe somewhere else and you’re home alone. You hear vehicles […]

The Glorious Revolution Of Caesar Egregio

I was going to explore political ideologies and see what they were about and which one fit me, but that turned out to be tedious and boring. They’re all shades along a continuum and there’s no way to nail down, for instance, the difference between paleoconservatism and traditionalist conservatism   without getting into a Clintonian grammatical […]

Is Libertarianism What Libertarians Think it Is? Part Four

I checked the fount of all internet knowledge, Wikipedia, for different strains of libertarianism. Agorism – Anarcho-capitalism – Austrian School – Autarchism – Christian libertarianism – Civil societarianism – Classical liberalism – Consequentialist libertarianism – Crypto-anarchism – Deontological libertarianism – Free-market anarchism – Geolibertarianism – Green libertarianism – Individualist anarchism – Individualist feminism – Left-libertarianism […]

Fred On Diversity

  “I’ve been thinking about fault lines, and fractures, and diversity, and when it’s all going to implode. I hope I’m still around because it is going to be one gorgeous show. Few things are as entertaining as a truly good disaster. What is going to kill us is diversity. It isn’t working well. By […]

Is Libertarianism What Libertarians Think It Is? Part 1

General Idea Of The Revolution In The Nineteenth Century by Pierre-Joseph Proudhon (1851) According to wikipedia: Pierre-Joseph Proudhon (French: [pjɛʁ ʒɔzɛf pʁudɔ̃]) (15 January 1809 – 19 January 1865) was a French politician, mutualist philosopher, economist, and socialist. He was a member of the French Parliament and the first person to call himself an “anarchist“. He […]

General Thomas Jonathan “Stonewall” Jackson Birthday

“Stonewall” Jackson was born January 21, 1824 in Clarksburg, Virginia (now West Virginia). He is one of the best known Confederate Generals after General Lee. Jackson earned his nickname at First Manassas as the Confederate lines began to crumble under heavy Union assault, Jackson’s brigade provided crucial reinforcements on Henry House Hill, demonstrating the discipline […]

Marines To Take Up Yoga

The U.S. Marine Corps, known for turning out some of the military’s toughest warriors, is studying how to make its troops even tougher through meditative practices, yoga-type stretching and exercises based on mindfulness. Marine Corps officials say they will build a curriculum that would integrate mindfulness-based techniques into their training if they see positive results […]

Dixie State College To Remain Dixie

H/T Free North Carolina Salt Lake Tribune: “Dixie State College looks ready to become Dixie State University after the school’s board of trustees voted unanimously Friday to retain the name despite its controversial associations with the Southern Confederacy. “In the end, the board chose to unite as one body. We unanimously stand behind the Dixie […]

General Robert E. Lee

Robert E. Lee was born at Stratford Hall, Virginia on January 19, 1807 the son of Major General Henry Lee, III (Light-Horse Harry) Governor of Virginia and Anne Hill Carter. Robert Lee was a career military officer. He is related to two signers of the Declaration of Independence , Francis Lightfoot Lee and Richard Henry […]

Beaufort County Commission Calls For Nullification Of Federal Gun Laws

H/T NC Renegade Beaufort Observer: The Beaufort County (N. C.) Board of Commissioners, meeting in special session January 18, 2013, adopted unanimously a resolution calling upon the N. C. General Assembly to take necessary measures to nullify any Federal action within the State that infringes on the Second Amendment’s guarantee of the Right to Keep […]


I was thinking about these two posts and I decided to compare red vs blue States on a few more points. Red: WV, NC, SC, GA, AL, MS, LA, TX, TN, AR, OK, MO, KS, IN, KY, NE, SD, ND, WY, MT, ID, UT, AZ, AK Blue: WA, OR, CA, NV, NM, CO, MN, IA, […]

Local News

From Plott Hound Multiple mudslides wiping out roads in western NC Illegal aliens to get NC driver’s licenses Southeast sex trafficking ring busted. “To save time in an emergency, officers will often run the half-mile or so between schools rather than going to their cars. The Segways could keep the officers from being winded when […]