Yet Again…

I never listen to Christmas music or allow any decorations before Thanksgiving.  Well, Thanksgiving was yesterday and I turned on 99.5 last night and again today for a total of thirty minutes or so. All I can say is while the commercials were different from last year, the music was the same as ever. I think they were even playing them in the same order! I don’t want to give the impression that I don’t like all of the songs, I just hate most of the songs they choose such as Jingle Bell Rock, Rockin Around the Christmas Tree, that George Michael song, anything by Mariah Carey….

Anyway, I’ll be posting some good versions of classic songs, some interesting versions and maybe something you’ve never heard.


A little Cajun spice to start things out


From the warm bayous of Louisiana to the chillier emerald Isle of Ireland



And something medieval


I’ll be back with more as I find em.

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