A Natural Elite?

Are some people just naturally superior in quantifiable ways? We know some are naturally intelligent, some are naturally dominant, some are naturally driven, it stands to reason that some are naturally all three. Thinking for a moment, I can come up with examples of extremely intelligent peope who never acheived influence in relation to their […]

Before 2pac, Before Barak, There Was Nat

This is an indie film being produced by Josh Harraway, a Tupac Shakur impersonator (seriously). I heard about it on Counter Revolutionary Traditionalism and I originally thought it was a joke, but apparently its not. At least, not intentionally. Free North Carolina had a synopsis of the Nat Turner Rebellion a while back. Here’s the […]

Progress Marches On (Old News)

I was not aware of SB 870, signed by Perdue,  before today, though I am not surprised it exists. Here’s the votesmart synopsis: Vote to pass a bill that requires the General Statutes Commission to review all general statutes and the North Carolina Constitution and make recommendations to the General Assembly regarding ways of changing […]

A New Necessity

Just got back from OBX and I have decided that I need a 4 wheel drive van. A van gives plenty of space for family and gear, and can pull a boat. A quick google search led me to U-Joint Off Road, an NC company near Asheville. They specialise in making 4X4 conversion kits for […]

A Constitutional Amendment And Drug/Criminal Background Checks For Welfare

Via Plott Hound The John Locke Foundation’s Locker Room Blog asks if anybody noticed that a proposed Constitutional Amendment snuck through the House.  The amendment “would enshrine eminent domain protections into the N.C. Constitution.” Its not a done deal yet, though. Civitas Institute of NC tells us that: “On Wednesday afternoon, the North Carolina Senate […]

Golden Dawn Looking To Take Over

International Business Times “Golden Dawn wants to become, and will become, like Hezbollah in Lebanon, which is in effect a second government that helps even the last of its poor citizens,” MP Ilias Panagiotaros told the SBS network’s “Dateline” program. “As time passes, Golden Dawn will do more for our fellow citizens.” Panagiotaros also claimed that […]


Plott Hound Chief Districy Court judge drowns trying to save woman at Sunset Beach Bears hold Asheville woman hostage Apex teen catches Billfish Grand Slam but won’t get in the record books due to technicality