Anti-Racist Hitler

Funny, sarcastic cartoon


4 thoughts on “Anti-Racist Hitler

  1. That cartoon is so racist. Everyone knows that picking on Jewish people or people of color is wrong. C’mon! Get with the times, man! Civilized, educated people around the world want diversity. If we’re all one people, then racism will have to come to an end. And multi-racial people are so beautiful!

      • I can see how people buy into this propaganda. Modeling agencies for Target and Kohl’s, etc, must pay a premium for half-breed models considering how few there are in proportion to the rest of society. Everywhere one looks, these half-breeds are used to show diversity, and often there are more of these than the white models. I used to call them “JC Penney blacks”. They were white enough to avoid frightening white customers away, yet non-white enough to check the diversity box. It’s diversity that we can stomach. In fact, Barry Hussein is one of this type.

        The reality is that probably the same proportion of these bastard half-caste children grow up model-worthy as the percentage of white children in general. The best-looking ones tend to minimize the typical non-white features, such as fat lips or Chicklet teeth or big nostrils from blacks, or the slanty double-eyelids of the east Asians, or the bony angularities and hairiness of the Mestizos or South Asians. These well-filtered half-breeds or quarter-breeds and octoroons have a sort of exotic flavor that brings attention, but that flavor must not overpower.

        It’s interesting, though, that the viewer unconsciously factors in the typical appearances of the relatively pure non-whites with the whitened features of the mixed-race and sees the mixed as much more attractive than they really are. A white woman with a fat nose and bulging eyes and prognathic jaw, even slightly so, would appear relatively ugly compared to a high yellow woman with an identically-structured face. We just compare the high yellow with the typical Walmart gorilla and she looks beautiful.

        The shockingly ugly appearance of albino blacks illustrates this idea pretty well.

  2. By the way, the Jew voices on this cartoon were really good. They couldn’t have found real Jews to voice them, so whoever did the impressions did an admirable job.

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