Happy Thanksgiving

“When you sit down to eat, pray. When you eat bread, do so thanking Him for being so generous to you. If you drink wine, be mindful of Him who has given it to you for your pleasure and as a relief in sickness. When you dress, thank Him for His kindness in providing you […]

Velocity Made Good

The America’s Cup comes down to a final race tomorrow. New Zealand was 8 to 1, but Oracle Team USA (with a largely Kiwi crew) has come back winning 7 straight races. Tomorrow at 4:00 it will be settled in a single, winner take all race. Maybe I’m cynical, but I can’t help but wonder […]

MVP For Both Sides

He was the single most influential player in the game. 1 goal and three assists is usually a pretty good game, but maybe not for Swansea’s Jonjo Shelvey, since 2 of those assists were for the other team. Barclay’s Premier League is the top tier in English soccer, for those who don’t know, and Shelvey […]

A Short Thought On The Importance Of Visuals In Modern Politics

Reacting to the vice president’s on-air appearance, Chicago mayor Richard J. Daley reportedly said, “My God, they’ve embalmed him before he even died.” The following day, the Chicago Daily News ran the headline “Was Nixon Sabotaged by TV Makeup Artists?” Nixon later said, “I should have remembered that ‘a picture is worth a thousand words.’ […]

Global Warming News

Cooling is the new warming! Peru declares state of emergency after coldest temps in a decade kill 250,000 alpacas. The Atacama Desert, the driest hot desert in the world, gets heaviest snow in 30 years. Farmer’s Almanac US forecast says, “The “Days of Shivery” are back! 
For 2013–2014, we are forecasting a winter that will […]

Empire And Reverse Empire

An empire is a political body made up of multiple nations. When Rome was building it’s empire, the armies conquered territory and brought these new peoples under Rome’s political influence. Today, the US seems to be practicing reverse empire. Instead of conquering new territories, the US brings the people from those territories into US territory. […]

Sharia Unveiled Has Been Suspended By WordPress For Violation of Terms

UPDATE BELOW Shariaunveiled.wordpress.com has been suspended by wordpress for violation of terms. I assume that means somebody complained to wordpress, but I don’t know. Their facebook page is here and twitter here, no statement, yet. 15 August, from Sharia Unveiled facebook page: As I am sure many of you have already discovered, wordpress.com shut down […]

A Natural Elite?

Are some people just naturally superior in quantifiable ways? We know some are naturally intelligent, some are naturally dominant, some are naturally driven, it stands to reason that some are naturally all three. Thinking for a moment, I can come up with examples of extremely intelligent peope who never acheived influence in relation to their […]

A Short Observation

Reading through the Anti-federalist papers, I see a similarity to today. While the Federalist Papers were written as coordinated effort by men in Congress to gain favor for their agenda, the Anti-Federalist Papers were written sporadically by various authors. Thefederalistpapers.org put it this way: “The arguments against ratification appeared in various forms, by various authors, […]

New Site Added

I found this site through SF Medic. Doom and bloom is a site run by a doctor and his nurse wife focussing on medicing in grid down scenarios.   “In circumstances when you have lost access to modern medicine, there is no substitute for being medically prepared. Any disaster, short term or long term, puts […]

Resource For SHTF

VIA Free NC Resources of the Southern Fields and Forests, Medical, Economical, and Agricultural. Being also a Medical Botany of the Confederate States; with Practical Information on the Useful Properties of the Trees, Plants, and Shrubs: “ It is intended as a repertory of scientific and popular knowledge as regards the medicinal, economical, and useful properties […]

Forgotten Books

Following a link from a link, etc. I came across Forgotten Books. Its a database of old books that can be read free online. Similar to Project Gutenberg or Project Gutenberg Australia, where I first read Algernon Blackwood, the spookiest writer ever!

The Biblical Case For Beards

I was checking through the links of some links on some site that I can’t remember and found this site. In the articles section I found Biblical Case for the Beard parts 1 and 2. As one of the bearded few, I found them interesting.   Ye shall not round the corners of your heads, […]

The Aphorisms Of Don Colacho

Nicolás Gómez Dávila (“Don Colacho”) From the site: Gómez Dávila’s use of aphorisms was also motivated in part by polemical considerations. In the modern age, the reactionary cannot hope to formulate arguments that will convince his opponent, because he does not share any assumptions with his opponent. Moreover, even if the reactionary could argue from […]

Two New Links Added To NC History

Found these historic links on Michael Hardy’s blog. Formed in 1994, the North Carolina Civil War Tourism Council is a partnership of public and private organizations and individuals concerned with the preservation and welfare of North Carolina’s Civil War era sites and museums.  By educating the public about North Carolina’s economic, cultural, and social experiences […]