Not This Year

Most years I spend a lot of time driving listening to the radio. Not this year, though, so right off the bat that removed a lot of the irritation I usually experience during the Yule Tide. A second difference between this and previous years is my Christmas mp3 player I prepared at the end of last year.

So I’m pretty relaxed, probably why I’ve forgotten to post my Christmas tradition of complaining about 99.5’s limited music selection.

Here’s some songs anyway.




2 thoughts on “Not This Year

  1. All righhht! I’ll enjoy these tomorrow. And I’d be curious about your mp3 list, if’n you have time to spare for making one.
    Merry Christmas, to you, Roger!

    • Hey Janus! Been a while.
      My mp3 list isn’t too special, mostly classics by Robert Shaw Chorale, the Statlers, Kings Singers and a few odds and ends. I’ll be adding to it this year, though, maybe I’ll post a list when we get closer to next Christmas and I get it squared away.

      Looking for Easter/Pascha songs, too. There’s got to be something between hymns and Here Comes Peter Cottontail!

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