Is It Good For The Jews?

The AJC hosted a conference on which party was best for the jews. But there’s no collusion, no Jewish agenda, they’re just individuals who form many lobby groups; are over represented in government, NGOs, media, finance and education; and who especially favor liberal or ‘neocon’ policies such as globalism and open borders. Its just a coincidence that they seem to represent everything conservatives and the right wing are against. Who are you going to trust: a jewish owned media outlet or you lying eyes?

‘Jews do best when both parties are good for the jews.’


“Anti-Semitism is a disease–you catch it from Jews”–Edgar J. Steele


8 thoughts on “Is It Good For The Jews?

  1. Jews can get together and talk about what’s good for the jews, but if we talk about the jews getting together and talking about the jews, we’re “anti-Semites.”

    They’re really not as smart as they think. They have a shrewdness that works short term.

    • All of those stuffy, nasal Jew voices. Ugh. Couldn’t take the video for very long, but three minutes was enough to get the point.

      Hubris. Utter hubris. They are so sure of themselves that they aren’t even bothering to hide their agenda anymore.

      There is a pretty good chance that they will torpedo the Trump candidacy in November. What they don’t realize is that Trump is a civilized force compared to what will come later. As has been mentioned elsewhere, the mild and civil Tea Party was the first reaction, then an uncouth but still lawful Trump. What comes next if Trump is denied?

      But yes, as Peter Blood and roger noted, we’re racists to comment about the Jews getting together. And, in fact, we really are racist to notice. They rightfully fear us, as we pose a real budding threat to them, but in their arrogance they can’t help but fuel the fire. It’s the repeating story of the Jews throughout history.

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