The Land Of Fruits And Nuts

  Couple gets married, moves from Michigan To California and: “A California man says he realized he was gay more than 20 years into his marriage, then he realized he was a she.” And then: “Yes, Cat told her husband she’d recently realized she was a lesbian. “And I remember saying, “Oh my god, get […]

Velocity Made Good

The America’s Cup comes down to a final race tomorrow. New Zealand was 8 to 1, but Oracle Team USA (with a largely Kiwi crew) has come back winning 7 straight races. Tomorrow at 4:00 it will be settled in a single, winner take all race. Maybe I’m cynical, but I can’t help but wonder […]

Convention Of States

Via a comment at Free NC  Citizens for Self Government, a small government activist group, has launched the Convention of States Project to call for a convention under Article V of the US Constitution. The goal is to convene a convention to amend the Constitution in such a way as to curb federal over reach.  […]


VIA Free NC Breaker 1 9 calling on all Trucker to shut America down for three days October 11-13. The American people are bleeding out with no relief in sight, It is time to change the NEWS. Let us show our elected officials that we are 100% fed up with corruption and the blatant disregard […]

MVP For Both Sides

He was the single most influential player in the game. 1 goal and three assists is usually a pretty good game, but maybe not for Swansea’s Jonjo Shelvey, since 2 of those assists were for the other team. Barclay’s Premier League is the top tier in English soccer, for those who don’t know, and Shelvey […]

The Original 9/11

I did not know this happened on 9/11, i probably should have. “The Battle of Vienna took place on 11 and 12 September[10] 1683 after Vienna had been besieged by the Ottoman Empire for two months. It was a battle of the Holy Roman Empire in league with the Polish- Lithuanian Commonwealth (Holy League) versus […]

Jewish Mafia

Recently, a Russian gay activist was barred from participating in some gay conference and had a hissy fit in which he blamed the “Jewish Mafia”. Vox Day made a funny observation about it. “Let me see if I have this straight. It is now observably safer for an activist to criticize Vladimir Putin and the […]

Sola Scriptura

Some unorganised thoughts, jogged loose by Justin at AP, on Sola Scriptura. Sola Scriptura-by scripture alone. In practice, the plain meaning of scripture is, apparently not that plain. I say this because there are over 30,000 different Protestant denominations. It seems, for some people, sola scriptura can supplant the Holy Spirit as final authority. Consider […]

School Vouchers

I missed this. WRAL Raleigh, N.C. — Although they won’t be issued until next March, vouchers that will allow hundreds of students from low-income families to attend private schools across North Carolina already have officials at many schools eagerly anticipating an influx of students. State lawmakers set aside $10 million in the budget for so-called […]

Grid Down Survival

This is just some thoughts triggered by these two posts. The first one talks about the need for multiple people to affect survival in a long term  grid down scenario.  Ishi, the last Yahi, was born and lived his life in the 19th Century California wilderness. He had the skills, but when his last two […]

I’m Not The First Idiot

So, I go into the bathroom to brush my teeth. I absent mindedly grab my toothbrush and put some toothepaste on it from the small tube  on the counter. I thought it was odd that we were using a small tube instead of the regular size, but my wife had just cleaned the bathroom, maybe […]

A Short Thought On The Importance Of Visuals In Modern Politics

Reacting to the vice president’s on-air appearance, Chicago mayor Richard J. Daley reportedly said, “My God, they’ve embalmed him before he even died.” The following day, the Chicago Daily News ran the headline “Was Nixon Sabotaged by TV Makeup Artists?” Nixon later said, “I should have remembered that ‘a picture is worth a thousand words.’ […]

Lethal Force

NC law: [A] person is justified in the use of deadly force and does not have a duty to retreat in any place he or she has the lawful right to be if either of the following applies: a) He or she reasonably believes that such force is necessary to prevent imminent death or great […]