US Army War College Revisionists

VIA NC Renegade Washington Times The U.S. Army War College, which molds future field generals, has begun discussing whether it should remove its portraits of Confederate generals — including those of Robert E. Lee and Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson. Nestled in rural Pennsylvania on the 500-acre Carlisle Barracks, the war college is conducting an inventory of all […]

Oil And Water

The dispute over interpretation of the Constitution is based on political philosophy, but political philosophy is itself based on something else. Look at this map, Look at who doesn’t claim hyphenated American ancestry,  the South. The reason for this is (drum roll) immigration. Most immigration from independence until the 20th century went to the north […]

Suspicion O’ Government Runs In Scottish Blood

I’m reading about Scottish immigration to the Antebellum South and I came across this page with this quote that I though worth sharing: ” Highlanders were suspicious of the road construction – seeing it as a government intrusion on their lives.” To put it into perspective, the period he’s referring to was one of major social change and urbanisation. Highland dress was outlawed, estates were forfeited and the government, generally, was […]

US Migration Patterns

Some US migration numbers have come to my attention, they’re from ’07. 71.4% of North carolina’s population was born here,  only Texas is “stickier” than we are. This is of course means that we are breeding our own liberals rather than them coming from outside. Of course, Pew also says 39.9% have moved in, so […]

Jeffersonian Rebellion

I was reading through Clyde N Wilson’s archives at Chronicles Magazine and came across this short essay. “I hold it that a little rebellion now and then is a good thing, and is as necessary in the political world as storms in the physical”, is a common quote which Wilson says has been misinterpreted, or […]

F*ck Kansas And The Horse It Rode (Into The Union) On

Lee Siegel at the Daily Beast has written a “well reasoned”, “historically accurate” hit piece on red States, espacially the Southern ones. Reference these three posts, if you’re interested. Just think what America would look like without its mostly Southern states. (We could retain “America”: they could call themselves “Smith & Wesson” or “Coca-Cola” or […]

NAACP Has Hissy Fit Over History

Via Free NC News and Record RALEIGH, N.C. — A Confederate battle flag hung inside the old North Carolina State Capitol last week to mark the sesquicentennial of the Civil War is being taken down after civil rights leaders raised concerns. The decision was announced Friday evening, hours after the Associated Press published a story […]

Some Plott Hound

Update: Still haven’t found a plott puppy. Carolina Plott Hound New rules for gun shows Norma McCorvey never wanted an abortion — she was seeking a divorce from her husband — but young, pro-abortion feminist attorney Sarah Weddington used McCorvey’s case as a means of attempting to overturn Texas’ law making most abortions illegal. Weddington […]

Texas Self Suffiency Act

NC Renegade Texas lawmakers are drawing attention by considering a law that would have Texas review how it would respond should the U.S. government no longer be there to send federal tax revenue back to the state. The proposal would set up a committee to study what the state gets from Washington, “the effects on the […]

LOS Winter Conference Feb. 9

LOS Rebellion Blog Our theme: “Grassroots Political Activism” Expect serious discussion, dialogue, and practical political solutions.Members are expected, guests are most welcome. Time: Saturday, 9 February, 11AM-3PM, Allred Banquet Room, K&W Cafeteria, Burlington, NC Conference admission is $10 per person, $15 for husband & wife. NC LS Conference Schedule: 11AM: Conference Welcome – Bernhard Thuersam, […]

Dixie State College To Remain Dixie

H/T Free North Carolina Salt Lake Tribune: “Dixie State College looks ready to become Dixie State University after the school’s board of trustees voted unanimously Friday to retain the name despite its controversial associations with the Southern Confederacy. “In the end, the board chose to unite as one body. We unanimously stand behind the Dixie […]

General Robert E. Lee

Robert E. Lee was born at Stratford Hall, Virginia on January 19, 1807 the son of Major General Henry Lee, III (Light-Horse Harry) Governor of Virginia and Anne Hill Carter. Robert Lee was a career military officer. He is related to two signers of the Declaration of Independence , Francis Lightfoot Lee and Richard Henry […]

Cost of Union

Via Confederate Renaissance: Texas has an economy twice the size of New England, but only has 2 senators in this Union compared to the 12 from New England. Alabama, Tennessee, and Georgia have an economy the size of New England, but only have 6 senators in this Union compared to the 12 that come from […]

Daily Kos Calls For Gun Ban And Lays Out A Road Map, Hint: Registration = Confiscation

I found this through Free North Carolina. Liberal bastion Daily Kos has, not surprisingly, embraced a full gun ban. The writer has even gone as far as to lay out how it could be accomplished. Of course, he overlooks the extreme violence that would follow. I guess in his world everybody just obeys. here’s some […]

Progressivism And The Death Of Community

Liberals, or progressives, like to say they’re working towards a more equitable society where everybody’s choices are equally valid, except, of course,  the choices progressives don’t like. You can tell a lot about a person by what they’re against. For instance, progressive are against what they call patriarchal society and religious discrimination. What they’re really […]