Some Tidbits Found On Plott Hound

Carolina Plott Hound Former Rep. Shumer goes to work for Duke Energy proving, once again, that Congress is just try outs for lobbying. Mary Lee swims up Cape Fear River. Laurie Foreman arrested, again. Illegal Mexican re-imported to get custody of his kids. I think, if he’s going to get custody, then the kids should […]

Who Gets Screwed

Just a thought. When our government deals with other governments or nationals, sometimes there is no “win-win” situation. Sometimes somebody has to get screwed and it seems like it should be our government’s priority to make sure that its not us.  I don’t think that’s the case, particularly when it comes to immigration and globalism. […]

Its The Black Face, Right?

The NAACP has deemed several closed coal fired NC power plants racist because of their siting. Apparently, these plants were put where there were not because large plots of land were cheap and no voter groups opposed (including,  presumably, the NAACP), but because they are racist.  In what ways does the NAACP actually advance colored […]

NC No. 6 In Immigration Reprieve Requests

From Winston Salem Journal via Carolina Plott Hound: “More than 11,000 immigrants in North Carolina have applied for a two-year reprieve from deportation made available in the summer by President Barack Obama, according to the latest statistics provided by U.S. immigration authorities.” SNIP “Since the Obama administration opened the application process Aug. 15, about 309,000 […]

Progressivism And The Death Of Community

Liberals, or progressives, like to say they’re working towards a more equitable society where everybody’s choices are equally valid, except, of course,  the choices progressives don’t like. You can tell a lot about a person by what they’re against. For instance, progressive are against what they call patriarchal society and religious discrimination. What they’re really […]

Section Of Highway 12 And Bonner Bridge Still Closed Due To Sandy

Bonner Bridge over Oregon inlet needs repairs to the deck before it can be reopened, according to Greer Beaty, Spokeman for DOT. The good new is that the Southern Environmental Law Center (isn’t there another Southern something-or-other law Center?) has not renewed it’s efforts to stop bridge construction. See here and here for more. Island […]

US Presence in Sinai

Edit: A commenter, Rebeccaryan,  at NCRenegade says the troops are going as part of a continuous deployment since 1980 Tip o’ the hat to NC Renegade Evidently, the Obama administration has agreed to send US assets to the Sinai Peninsula to fight weapons smuggling into Gaza. From Debka: “US security and civilian units will need […]

Shrinking My World

In Gambia, Ismaila Conteh has been given a 3 month sentence for breaking into a man’s house with intent to commit a felony and, in a separate incident, blowing in a man’s face, which is , apparently, assault. Meanwhile, in Kyrgyzstan, if your monthly electricity consumption exceeds 300kW your rate will go up by 40%. […]

NC Citizens Constitutional Caucus

Via NC Renegade: If you are a constitutionalist and may be close to NC on Dec. 1st this event may be for you. The Inaugural Meeting of the North Carolina Citizens Constitutional Caucus, will be held Saturday, Dec. 1st in the Capital Conference Room at the Hampton Inn. The North Carolina Citizens Constitutional Caucus is a […]

Happy National Transgender Day of Remembrance?

Arctic Patriot has a post on today’s “holiday” inspired by this post from The Thinking housewife. Reading that second link, you will notice some thing called GLIFAA. Evidently, the “transgendered” have their own union, now. Maybe these secession petitions aren’t the way to go, maybe we need a union for Constitutionalists. Then we can make […]

Carding Illegal Aliens

“Police leaders will explore whether they can use a private identification card to help them identify undocumented immigrants, police told residents at a forum Sunday.” “Winston-Salem police accept identification cards issued by the nonprofit CHANGE to help them tell who someone is if the person doesn’t have a government-issued ID” So they can arrest them, […]

This Is Bunk!

Turns out the term “bunk”, meaning absurd or ridiculous, originated with a North Carolinian. In 1820, Representative Felix Walker from Buncombe County was speaking in Congress. His speech was off topic and when other Representatives tried to silence him, he replied that his speech wasn’t for them, it was for his constituents in Buncombe County. […]

NC Owes Fed $3 Billion For Unemployment Benefits

From the Charlotte Observer: “Lew Ebert, CEO of the North Carolina Chamber, stopped by the Observer editorial board Wednesday to talk about it. Ebert said the unemployment debt — not taxes, not regulations — was the single biggest cloud hovering over the state’s economy. Those other issues can’t really be tackled until state leaders deal with the debt, […]

Bill Would Allow Government To Seize Private land For “Environmental” Purposes

From Free North Carolina: Senator Jon Tester (D-MT) — who is “F” rated by Gun Owners of America — is pushing a “hunting” bill that authorizes the Obama administration almost unlimited power to seize private lands for “environmental” purposes. Anti-gun Majority Leader Harry Reid has scheduled Tester’s bill for a vote, and it will probably […]