“We will be one people, under one God, saluting one #American flag,” says @realDonaldTrump.   "We will be one people, under one God, saluting one #American flag," says @realDonaldTrump. pic.twitter.com/2YcwokbqFY — FOX Business (@FoxBusiness) September 12, 2016  


Jewish Press ‘Let’s be clear: Far from “sharing” one tradition, Orthodox Jews are prohibited from marrying Christians, setting foot inside a Christian church—and we can’t even drink from an open bottle of kosher wine that has been used by a Christian. We reject the Christian idea of salvation, we abhor Christian divine teachings on every […]

Google Plans To Alter Search Results To Counter Online ‘Extremism’

via DS Russia Today ‘Called ‘The Redirect Method,’ the program operated in trial mode for eight weeks from January to March, according to the Christian Science Monitor. It reached over 320,000 people searching for IS-associated keywords, from the terrorist group’s slogans to the names of buildings in Islamist-held areas. The users’ metadata was collected during […]

Two Interesting Facts I didn’t Know

Apparently the perjorative ‘kike’ comes from the Yiddish word for circle. There is evidence that it originates from the late 19th/early 20th century migrations where illiterate jews entering through Ellis Island couldn’t sign their names, but instead of using the traditional ‘X’ they drew a circle.   The second one is a jewish tradition dating […]