Centripetal Politics

An oldie from Chronicles Magazine Why is a modern state disposed to destroy the corporate liberty of independent social authorities and concentrate power to the center? And why is this destruction perceived as morally legitimate? The answer was given in 1651 by Thomas Hobbes in Leviathan, which frames the first and most profound theory of […]

Prepper Overachiever Award

The Soffitrat is apparently a member of his town’s government and is prepping his whole town! “Now I might be able to address, again, the possibility I have been working towards.  That of a well, with a reverse osmosis purification system.  We removed one of our surface tanks a few years ago, and made the […]

Convention Of States

Via a comment at Free NC  Citizens for Self Government, a small government activist group, has launched the Convention of States Project to call for a convention under Article V of the US Constitution. The goal is to convene a convention to amend the Constitution in such a way as to curb federal over reach.  […]

Function Of Statesmanship

VIA Free NC “The supreme function of statesmanship is to provide against preventable evils.” “In seeking to do so, it encounters obstacles, which are deeply rooted in human nature. One is that by the very order of things such evils are not demonstrable until they have occurred: At each stage in their onset there is […]

Who Runs The government?

The Republican Party and the Democratic Party are locked in mortal combat. Its been noted ad naseum that there isn’t a “dimes worth of difference” between the two, but voters still rally and vest enormous effort and emotion in their team’s efforts. Every now and then, a lonely blog commentor says they’ve given up voting […]

Oil And Water

The dispute over interpretation of the Constitution is based on political philosophy, but political philosophy is itself based on something else. Look at this map, Look at who doesn’t claim hyphenated American ancestry,  the South. The reason for this is (drum roll) immigration. Most immigration from independence until the 20th century went to the north […]

Jeffersonian Rebellion

I was reading through Clyde N Wilson’s archives at Chronicles Magazine and came across this short essay. “I hold it that a little rebellion now and then is a good thing, and is as necessary in the political world as storms in the physical”, is a common quote which Wilson says has been misinterpreted, or […]

Build An AK

In the spirit of this Mother Jones article, an anonymous commenter at Free North Carolina referred to the site AK Builder. I’m no gunsmith, but ti seems to have all you could need to build the most famous rifle in the world. I am adding the site to my firearms links. Don’t forget about CNC […]

NY DA Won’t Prosecute SAFE Act

H/T NC Renegade WNYT COLUMBIA COUNTY – The Columbia County District Attorney is making good on a promise not to prosecute a man arrested under the SAFE Act. DA Paul Czajka told NewsChannel 13 he would not prosecute Gregory Dean Jr. Dean was pulled over earlier this month after police say the light over his […]

IRS Being Sued For Illegally Seizing Medical Records

…among other things.   Washington Times A healthcare provider has sued the Internal Revenue Service and 15 of its agents, charging they wrongfully seized 60 million medical records from 10 million Americans. The name of the provider is not yet known, United Press International said. But Courthouse News Service said the suit claims the agency […]

That’s Crazy!!

Hat Tip to Free NC wbtw CHARLESTON, SC – Bill Gates, Chairman of Microsoft and one of the richest people in the world, is spending time in the Lowcountry. WCBD  confirmed the American business magnate is at the Sanctuary on Kiawah Island. Suspicion was raised when nearly 20 very expensive jets were seen lined up […]

Are You A Relativist ?

Its been said  that the Constitution didn’t fail us, we failed it. All governments are an experiment, none have been proven. Our current experiment, based on the enlightenment, the same zeitgeist that beget communism and libertarianism, seems to be winding down into endless debate on economic theory.The debates on morals and culture, the proper size […]


And yet — no weapons, no matter how powerful, can help the West until it overcomes its loss of willpower. In a state of psychological weakness, weapons become a burden for the capitulating side. To defend oneself, one must also be ready to die; there is little such readiness in a society raised in the […]

NAACP Has Hissy Fit Over History

Via Free NC News and Record RALEIGH, N.C. — A Confederate battle flag hung inside the old North Carolina State Capitol last week to mark the sesquicentennial of the Civil War is being taken down after civil rights leaders raised concerns. The decision was announced Friday evening, hours after the Associated Press published a story […]

“Doctrine My Ass”

Ain’t gonna be no revolution ’cause nobody wants to get in trouble. Keyboard Commandos don’t lead armies. MT. Top Patriot had an interesting comment over at Western Rifles, posted here in its entireity. “AM on his recent piece on training: “I don’t know if my perception is skewed by what I read, but it seems […]

Join The Revolution

Millions of rounds, thousands of rifles, armored vehicles, civilian “no hesitation” targets,patriot/constitutionalist groups and returning vets labelled as possible domestic terrorists, gov supporting al qaeda/muslim brotherhood in the Middle East and North Africa – all in the middle of a push to disarm citizens. I’m no genius, but I think the time for constitution abiding […]

Then Go Back Home

Randy’s Right A letter to a Wyoming State Rep: Fulbright’s email: Dear Representative, I hope you are taking care of yourself during this busy session. I know it is a challenging, compressed time. I am writing to express my grave concern about House Bill 105. Ample evidence has shown that schools and guns do not […]

Some Plott Hound

Update: Still haven’t found a plott puppy. Carolina Plott Hound New rules for gun shows Norma McCorvey never wanted an abortion — she was seeking a divorce from her husband — but young, pro-abortion feminist attorney Sarah Weddington used McCorvey’s case as a means of attempting to overturn Texas’ law making most abortions illegal. Weddington […]

Gun Control, Immigration And Reality

I keep hearing that diversity is our strength, but reading the FBIs 2011 national Gang Threat Assessment, I have my doubts. For instance, we’ve all heard about the Crips, Bloods and Latin Kings, but how about: Asian Gangs “Asian gangs, historically limited to regions with large Asian populations, are expanding throughout communities nationwide. Although often […]

Cost of Union

Via Confederate Renaissance: Texas has an economy twice the size of New England, but only has 2 senators in this Union compared to the 12 from New England. Alabama, Tennessee, and Georgia have an economy the size of New England, but only have 6 senators in this Union compared to the 12 that come from […]

Ramifications of Revolution

I found the part about habituation to violence interesting. The denouement of the “revolution”  is rarely touched on, everybody just wants to go Rambo and then magically end up in Constitution land. VIA NC Renegade: The anonymous gentleman above speaks to two key points which I would like to amplify: 1. “If you think you […]

America’s Gun Problem

According to Daniel greenfield at Front Page Mag, America has a problem with guns gangs  Obama voters. Here’s some excerpts: Chicago’s murder numbers have hit that magic 500. Baltimore’s murder toll has passed 200. In Philly, it’s up to 324, the highest since 2007. In Detroit, it’s approaching 400, another record. In New Orleans, it’s […]