Theory And Practice

Norwegian weather station on Jan Mayen Translation of the signboard: »Theory is when you understand everything but nothing works. Practice is when everything works but nobody understands why. On this station, we combine theory and practice in a way that nothing works and nobody understands why«

Viderunt Omnes-Perotin

“Viderunt Omnes” is a traditional Gregorian chant of the 11th century. The work is based on an ancient gradual of the same title, which was previously expanded upon by composers of the Notre Dame school. This organum, thought to be written for Christmas festivities, would have retained the same purpose as the original gradual – […]

GOP Control Of State Governments Is Not Going Unnoticed

According to the Washington Post, the GOP will control nearly 2/3 of state legislative chambers and 31 governorships. I’m sure that has nothing to do with this: ‘As announced today to the AP staff, the specialists will collaborate with statehouse reporters, as well as on their own projects and stories focused on government accountability and strong […]

The Cost Of The UK’s Monarchy

…is apparently negative 160 million pounds or so. I thought these were interesting enough to post and I feel like I need to post occasionally! Via comment by The Tory on Takimag Here is the annual report for the Crown Estate for 2012. Net profits were 240.2 million which all go to Parliament and out […]