Media Agrees: Trump Is ‘Dark’

Apparently the word has gone out among our ‘free and independent’ press and that word is dark.


7 thoughts on “Media Agrees: Trump Is ‘Dark’

  1. Sometimes there are reasons the press agrees that are determined by direct observation. Journalism is a profession after all, with rules and training for how to craft stories.

    You suggest by your headline the press got together to agree that Trump HIMSELF is dark. But all your evidence says the SPEECH was dark, the message was dark, the tone/vision/picture was dark.

    In other words, Trump expressed a negative view of how he thinks things are. What short adjective, suitable for news (which values brevity and ease of comprehension), would you pick to generally characterize the speech? Hopeful? Upbeat? Cheery? How about trite? Odd? Weird? Is “sad” a strong or sufficiently specific term?

    I think “dark” says it well, in few characters. It was a downbeat speech, and those hired to pay close attention to it often chose the same adjective because they practice the art of short-short storytelling in common.

  2. In spite of the professional training (indoctrination?) that all of the journalists received (I didn’t realize journalism school was so regimented), it belies comprehension that no one had any imagination … what about gloomy or dismal or pessimistic or negative or bleak or grim or even a current favorite, dystopian?

    A good headline may have been, “Trump lays out a dystopian future that only he can prevent.”

    • Seriously, they do not write news for the college-educated audience alone. Half the country would be required to look up “dystopian”. (Not me, I had to learn Latin prefixes/suffixes for a medical terminology course.)

      • True, half the population would have difficulty with big words, though dystopian is common enough in movies that I think most would get it. As Fred Reynolds pointed out there’s also gloomy, dismal, pessimistic, negative, bleak and grim to choose from. It just ‘feels’ like a meme is being pushed.

  3. The first ‘dark’ headline about the Trump speech that I saw was just a few hours after the event. Barring some form of collusion or command structure (and both exist to some extent), it’s possible that journalists just echo the first narrative that seems effective. I get the impression that modern journalism isn’t a field where the average writer or pro blogger wants to stick his neck out too far; he must conform to tightly knit standards of ideology; one misstep and he’s locked out of the circle.

    So if a journalist can’t vary much in what he can say, he can at least be the first out the gate with a headline that everyone else parrots.

    . . . Still, the more I think of it, this parroting happens so often and becomes so universal so quickly, in just a few hours, that you’d just about have to conclude that it’s institutionally orchestrated somehow.

    I wonder what it’s like for young graduates with a journalism degree to find out they’re just a whore for the system? It’s amazing how people will debase themselves just for a small paycheck. Must be like Montel Williams reduced to doing those MoneyMutual payday loan commercials.

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