‘Transgenders’ Filming Women In Target Dressing Rooms

Apparently its a thing. Men posing as women take pictures over or under the walls as biological (I feel like I have to make that distinction, now) women try on clothes.

‘A transgender woman in Idaho was arrested on Monday for taking pictures of another woman inside a Target changing room. Shauna Patricia Smith, also known as Sean Patrick Smith, was arrested after police responded to a call from a female shopper who said she saw the middle aged male reaching over the dividing wall and taking pictures in the fitting room area with a cell phone. Officers reviewed store surveillance footage, then booked Smith into the Bonneville County Jail on one felony count of voyeurism. Smith, a biological male who identifies as a woman, is scheduled to appear in court today.

The incident in the small southeastern Idaho town is not the first such incident since Target announced its opposition to North Carolina’s HB2 and called the law “discrimination”.  Target expanded its commitment to inclusivity of transgender individuals when they announced on April 19th that transgender employees and guests are welcome to use the restroom or fitting room facility that corresponds with their gender identity.

KeepNCSafe did a simple Google search and found an alarming number of incidents reported at Target fitting rooms since the company adopted gender neutral fitting rooms.’

Nine more or listed in the article here.


One thought on “‘Transgenders’ Filming Women In Target Dressing Rooms

  1. It’s fascinating that modern businesses are willing to abandon their own customers and risk their profits in order to appease the far left. Maybe they think they are embracing the new generations in order to stay “relevant” for longer periods.

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