Oxford To Replace Portraits Of Boring Whitey With Vibrant Diversity

Daily Mail

Oxford University is replacing some portraits of famous men with female, black and gay leaders to counter its ‘male, pale and stale’ image.

It is commissioning artists to paint dozens of new portraits to hang in its ancient buildings at a cost of £900 each.

Stickers with the words ‘next in frame’ have been put up around Oxford, asking students and staff to nominate suitable subjects by the end of this week.

In addition, colleges are already redecorating dining and lecture halls with new pictures and photographs to reflect the diversity of their alumni.

Pictures of author Jonathan Swift, 16th century poet John Donne and bible translator William Tyndale were all removed. And portraits of TV presenter Natasha Kaplinsky, author Hari Kunzru and journalist Naomi Wolf have been put up.

Oxford University said yesterday its Diversifying Portraiture project – aimed at recognising the ‘diversity of figures’ who have helped shape the institution – was launched after a successful funding bid in May 2014.

It said: ‘In the first phase, we collected more than 250 portraits already on display around Oxford, depicting pioneering individuals who challenged the stereotypes and preconceptions of their times.’

The university added in a statement: ‘The second phase is now well under way.

‘We have asked the University community for suggestions for 25 fresh portraits of living figures connected to Oxford, representing our diversity in gender, race, disability and LGBTQ identity.

‘Our next phase of portraits will be displayed prominently at sites right across the University, reflecting the remarkable contributions made by so many individuals to modern Oxford’s culture of inclusion, equality and tolerance.’


2 thoughts on “Oxford To Replace Portraits Of Boring Whitey With Vibrant Diversity

  1. Two great classical writers and an eminent bible translator traded for two Jewish media hags and an atheist paperback writer. It is actually very fitting for Yale.

    A once eminent university that helped promote Western civilization in America has transformed into an institution dedicated to the destruction of that very civilization. It’s only natural that they toss out the grand masters of the old and majestic in order to celebrate the mediocre celebrities who embody their contemporary promotion of the ugly, the twisted, and the banal.

    But it’s still sad to see.

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