Any Man But A White Man

New Observer

‘The Board of Deputies of British Jews and the UK Zionist Federation have both welcomed the election of Sadiq Khan as the first Muslim mayor of London, defying predictions that “anti-Semitism” would drive Jews away from the Labour Party.

According to a report in the Israeli-based Arutz Sheva [Israel National News] service, “Jewish Londoners are in fact heartened by their newest mayor.”

According to that report, the Board of Deputies of British Jews (BoD), which officially represents the UK’s 270,000-strong Jewish community, enthusiastically congratulated the new Mayor of London.’

From the comments:

English T

Khan may be the new ‘Mayor of London(istan)’ but I’ll NEVER view him a such. He only got elected because the vast majority of those inhabiting my capital city are neither true Londoners nor British either. In fact, indigenous British make up only around 43% of people in London. We are a minority in our own city. Khan got 57% of the vote, approximately the same percentage as the non-indigenous currently overrunning our capital. Quelle surprise! This is a bad result for us and things are only going to get worse under his ‘rule’ – unless you’re a muslim or some other whingeing, demanding minority. London is finished as far as the white natives are concerned.



People of London, Jews and Muslims have banded together to pick your new mayor.



2 thoughts on “Any Man But A White Man

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  2. The situation may look bad, but I can’t help but find encouragement in these signs. Such a rapid onslaught of foreign advancement might be the shock to finally wake these Europeans up in time to drive the bastards out. Had the process gone more gradually, Europe would have probably never awakened.

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