Pictures Are Worth A Thousand Words

Trump supporters compared to others in this telling pic.


10 thoughts on “Pictures Are Worth A Thousand Words

  1. The picture is from Bridgeport, Connecticut, so some of the thousand words would be, “What’s this got to do with NC?”

    Once you figure out it’s clueless people who got lost looking for a Trump event wandering straight into a Democratic State Senate candidate’s neighborhood rally, yeah, that says a thousand words about lack of preparation. The “others” in the photo are the ones who belong there.

      • It’s not immaterial. You thought you were making some sort of “us vs them” point with a photo you didn’t research properly. I gave you factual context as a correction, which is as material as it gets.

        • Your factual context doesn’t change the ‘us vs them’ aspect of the picture. The fact that Trump’s event wasn’t in this neighborhood reinforces it.

          • The “us vs them” in this photo is local politics vs national politics. The “thems” appear to be authentic people in their own neighborhood, normal street clothes, and one holds a hand-made sign. They are there to discuss complex local issues, not the national Presidential contest. Bradley is an outsider candidate for state senate, a member of Bridgeport’s local school board, not the guy endorsed by the Democrats. He’s 31. His long-term incumbent opponent is 80.

            The “us” family appear to be dressed for baby’s first baptism at church. Their clothes are all matchy-matchy, and they carry signs and buttons they clearly didn’t make, but were given by an outside organization. They are political tourists.

            There’s an irony in that both these groups are supporting insurgent candidates. You see them as opponents, when they are each dealing with the same dissatisfaction, the locals by community organizing against the status quo, the visitors by showing up for the rare local appearance of a traveling band.

          • It’s right outside Bradley’s little law office, which is in a house! I expect someone hastily scribbled it when a pal told them, “There are some bozos carrying Trump signs who can’t find their way to the convention center.”

            The family probably chose not to park at or near the Trump event, to save some money. Now they have to walk a mile through a racially-mixed neighborhood dressed as Mattel toys, carrying signs bound to offend those who live there.

            You try walking through a neighborhood where you look wildly out of place, carrying Hitler or KKK signs and tell me how it goes.

          • None of this is salient. The pic illustrates the differences between Trump supporters and Trump detractors. None of your comments have mattered.

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