Ideal Or An End

“Democracy is not an ideal to be strived for. Democracy is not an end in itself. Democracy is the means to an end; it is a system of government whose purpose is to secure prosperity and stability for We the People. Corrupt politicians and traitorous communists spout over and over again that Democracy is our goal, our ideal, our way of life, our religion! Democracy has usurped all manners of discourse and declared itself the lore of our age. Democracy has become the golden calf that cowards and idiots have lifted up as their one true god. The heresy! Democracy has never been nothing more than a tool, which has but one purpose and one purpose alone; to secure the future prosperity and stability of our noble nation for We the People, nothing more. This tool, known as democracy, has failed wholly in all of its endeavors. Democracy has set American against American as pawns in the game of power-hungry politicians. Democracy has auctioned off the wealth and resources of our great nation as if it were some penniless whore. Democracy has propped up America’s enemies at the expense of We the People!”


From The American Militant Nationalist Manifesto by two brothers, Sacco & Vanzetti Vandal



5 thoughts on “Ideal Or An End

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  2. Please do! (edit) I can agree. Up to the “…and one purpose alone” part. For the author to attribute to Democracy it’s one mandate, “to secure the future prosperity and stability of our noble nation”, just shows how far out in space this Cowboy truly is. Yes. Please edit!

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