Of Demographics And Destiny

From a comment by  elsewhere:

Great article… But ya missed something… I think (apologies, I’m kind of on-the-move here).

So, yes, the genuine-white population in the US IS about 62%…. But there’s a problem goys and gals, and I’ll try to explain it here as best I can (albeit without sources cited because, again, on the move).

So, you say: “Krähe, what’s the problem?”

And I reply: “Caw caw caw – the old people.”

From what I recall of my own investigations, something like 75%+ (I actually want to say more like 90%+, but I can’t be sure offhand – certainly a very high, majority percentage) of the over-65 population are non-Hispanic white.

And there are A LOT of them – the over-65 set constitutes ~15% from the ~62% of the country constituting non-Hispanic whites. And, to clarify, no, not “15% of the 62%”, but “15% from the 62%”… Meaning?
Simple arithmetic time: 62 – 15 = 47.

You factor out the over 65 population, who are almost-all non-Hispanic white?
Well… We see that demographic replacement is not ‘going to happen’, it effectively has already happened – non-Hispanic whites are already a minority population in the US, at about 47%.

There are more Hispanic children being born than non-Hispanic white.
There are more Hispanic children already extant than non-Hispanic white.
Meaning, in 10-15 years, when those grey-hairs are dropping off, and our below replacement levels fertility rate isn’t effectively replacing them, while the Hispanic’s fertility rate of well-above replacement levels continues along that trend…
I don’t like to be an alarmist, but I have to say: I believe now is basically our only chance to fix this, while the grey-hairs are still around, behaving ‘whitely’.
Soon as they’re gone, we are a minority, and its all down Brazil from there goys and gals.




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