Winter Is Heating Up In Corsica


Demonstrators ransacked a Muslim prayer hall and attempted to burn copies of the Koran on the French island of Corsica on Friday, police said, following a night of violence that left two firefighters injured.

Tensions had mounted in Ajaccio on Christmas Day after two firefighters and a police officer were wounded overnight in Jardins de L’Empereur, a low-income neighbourhood of the city when they were “ambushed” by “several hooded youths”, authorities said.

On Friday afternoon around 150 people had gathered in front of police headquarters in the island’s capital in a show of support for the police and firefighters, officials said in a statement.

But some in that crowd broke away to join as many as 600 who headed for the housing estate where the violence took place the night before.

They shouted slogans in Corsican meaning “Arabs get out!” or “This is our home!”, an eyewitness said.

Nearby was a Muslim prayer room and a small group smashed the glass door and entered the place of worship, ransacking it and partially burning books including copies of the Koran, said regional official Francois Lalanne.

“Fifty prayer books were thrown out on the street,” Lalanne said, adding that some of the pages were burnt.


Corsica is a department of France which held regional elections earlier this month, which had seen the far-right anti-immigrant Front National make unprecedented gains in the first round of the vote.

On Corsica the nationalists won the regional election there taking power for the first time.

4 thoughts on “Winter Is Heating Up In Corsica

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  2. Getting there…
    The course of events centuries ago was similar to boiling a frog in cool water when the Muslims invaded and then went full jihad. The response of Spaniards was superb, and rapidly spread throughout Europe in an age where communication was generally by horse and rider. Today, the communication is global within seconds, and again the invasion dementia of the Muslims indicates they are a cult hellbent on Satan’s policies.
    Within a very short time from now, do not be surprised if Islamic Jihad Terrorism begins in America and other parts of the globe, as the response will be united with what is in our very survival genetics inherited from those who expelled the rotten bastards from Europe long ago.
    I will take pride in sending Merkel a telegram reading: “Send more Muslims. We ran out.”

  3. Just a few weeks ago when the Corsicans had voted for a pro-Corsican autonomy/independence party, it seemed doubtful that the Corsicans were truly willing to stand up for their nation as a distinct people rather than a distinct economy.

    It now seems that at least a significant number of them are willing to do the dirty job of expelling those who would replace them. If 600 are willing to take such action, there are at least ten times that many who would do the same in their own locales, and perhaps ten times that number who support such actions by their countrymen. It is very encouraging for Corsica, and for Europe generally.

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