Good News! North Carolina Has Run Out Of Poor People!

So we’ve begun importing more to keep our non-profits in business.

Baptist News

‘So USCRI and other agencies that resettle refugees in this country rely on volunteers and donors to provide everything from furniture to fellowship for dislocated and culturally disoriented new arrivals.

“Their engagement is critical to the program,” she said.

And one group that’s distinguished itself, Blake said, is led by Marc and Kim Wyatt, Cooperative Baptist field personnel called to work with refugees and other internationals in the Research Triangle area of North Carolina.

“They’re pretty amazing,” Blake said about the couple.

They’ve earned that reputation for recruiting a growing army of churches in the region to supply volunteers to help refugees move into apartments and to donate furniture and supplies for recently settled refugees. They have also inspired individuals from those churches to seek ESL teacher training through USCRI.

But they recently stepped up their impact by helping the agency open Welcome House, a residence near the North Carolina State University campus in Raleigh.

The three-bedroom residence is intended for use by small families and single refugees — a group that usually struggles after arriving in the United States, Blake said.

While the lease is held by USCRI, the Wyatts and their volunteers will oversee its operation, including staffing it with house parents.’

Things to keep in mind

~USCRI (US Committee for Refugees and Immigrants) is a federal contractor (one of nine) which gets 99% of its “contributions” from you, the US taxpayer. See page 9 of a recent Form 990. They had gifts and contributions in the amount of $35,676,146 and received $35,429,570 from GOVERNMENT GRANTS (that is your money). Salaries are on page 7. They are not a poor and struggling non-profit group, but in reality a quasi-government agency.

~USCRI signs a contract (oopsy an “agreement”) with the US State Department promising to find apartments for refugees, so I am surprised that the US State Department is letting them put refugees in what amounts to half-way houses (described in this article).  Are these contractors in the real estate business now?

~The good Baptists and other church folks helping should know that their volunteer time has a dollar value placed on it for the purpose of USCRI showing the feds that they have made a financial contribution, that USCRI has ‘skin in the game.’

Likewise the donation of furniture and other donations, like clothes, have a dollar value placed on them for the purpose, again, of showing the feds that they (USCRI) are holding up their end of the highly touted “public-private partnership” (which has become a joke) as the public contribution now far outweighs any private donations as you see in their Form 990.

~North Carolina has become one of the top states to ‘welcome’ refugees (don’t ask me how it got that way, except that I think when it was first targeted, the federal contractors found no resistance and there must be labor intensive industries looking for cheap labor). We learn that Raleigh has four of the nine major federal contractors working there and ‘welcomes’ 325 refugees a year.


3 thoughts on “Good News! North Carolina Has Run Out Of Poor People!

  1. How many of these Baptists, would you say, think they are making money while serving God, versus how many of them are aware that they are making money at the expense of the country in both money and demographics and they just don’t care?

    • CINO? (Christians in Name Only)

      I see billboards all the time: Talent for Christ-models, actors yadayada. I bet its mostly staffed by Baptists who think they can serve mammon and God, or more likely don’t have thoughts that deep.

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