Republicans Sell Us Out, Again

Conservative Tree House via Gunny G via Brittius (I do get around!)

‘If we told you in January 2015 that despite House and Senate control now in the hands of Republicans the outcome would be: No budget, Anti-American Trade Deal and Anti-American Iran Agreement – facilitated by Mitch McConnell, you would have said “no way”……  Yet, here we are nine months later.’

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6 thoughts on “Republicans Sell Us Out, Again

  1. It’s fascinating to see the details of their plan. It was apparent that something like this was going on with the sheer number of Republican candidates. Let’s hope that Trump screws everything up for them.

    If Trump somehow wins the Republican nomination, they’ll likely switch their support to a controlled democrat. Since Hillary was the designated unelectable loser for this cycle (whether she knows it or not), they will likely want someone more affable like Joe Biden to run against Trump. A President Biden would make a very unconvincing performance cast in the planned role of Jeb Bush, but he’s promised to only run for a single term.

    I will be surprised if Biden doesn’t announce his candidacy in the next week or two. If he doesn’t, then the establishment will have a hard time electing a controlled candidate unless they can destroy Trump, which will be difficult. Killing him would probably cause some very unpredictable results, as everyone expects it.

    • I can’t even imagine a president Biden, he’s just too ridiculous. but you never know…

      Making Trump a political martyr could cause the backlash we all expect to happen sooner or later. I remember the reaction to Ron Paul getting shut out of the primaries and he didn’t have near the support of Trump. I wonder how they’ll play it.

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