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I found this here:



3 thoughts on “Found On Liberal Site

  1. Cute.

    They think they are being quite profound here, and doubtlessly they don’t care about logic, just their cute rhetoric, but I hope you don’t mind, Roger, if I analyze this little graphic here:

    “Humanity.” Of course, that means humanity on their terms. Humanity only includes those who believe as they do, or those downtrodden women, perverts, and brown people. The rest of humanity can be stepped on as inhuman, because we’re “haters” after all.

    “Civility.” The Tea Party members are some of the most civil and polite activists that I’ve seen; they’re frankly too milquetoast at times. And how civil is this graphic? Typical of the snideness of the Left, their civility includes squashing their opponents’ symbols in addition to their rights and livelihoods.

    “Democracy.” It’s interesting how the Left has bemoaned the democratic influence of the Tea Party groups to the point of trying to destroy them with the IRS or calling our mid-term elections illegitimate because their side didn’t bother to vote. It is true, however, that they want to use democracy and immigration together as their weapon to squash White, Christian Americans.

    “Reason.” Of course, by “reason” they mean “non-religious”, and those who follow the political consensus of state-sponsored scientists about “climate change”. In other words, anyone who doesn’t follow their dogma must surely have no reason.

    This graphic has all the fingerprints of the adolescent wit of some smug atheist activist.

    Let’s hope they do decide to deliberately tread on us, the sooner the better! There is a reason that patriots have chosen the rattlesnake to warn the other side against stepping on us.

  2. Reblogged this on Brittius and commented:
    Very interesting, and most revealing of intentions and thoughts of liberal socialists. All 3%, take note. The illustration is highly valuable intelligence collection.

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