A Least One School Isn’t Cowed

A school in Tennessee is refusing to ban the Confederate battle flag from being displayed on campus, even though a black student has expressed discomfort at the sight. The freshman from Rutherford County, Tennessee, came home from school and told his mother that students were displaying the flag from their cars and wearing T-shirts with the symbol.

“I felt sad and hurt when I saw [the flags]” flying from trucks at the school, the freshman’s mother told the ABC affiliate. “I don’t think it is the appropriate place for my child to be subjected to this.” In the report, the names of the mother and student remained anonymous.

When she contacted the school district, she was told by the schools spokesperson that, “as a school district, we can’t prohibit such items unless it is causing a disturbance at the school.” Other schools in the county do ban the flag from dress codes.



2 thoughts on “A Least One School Isn’t Cowed

  1. Give ’em a week or a month and then we’ll see what they’re made of.

    ” ‘I felt sad and hurt when I saw [the flags]’ ”

    This doesn’t sound like a statement from a lady who was really hurt by such a hateful display. This sounds like someone who knows she’s supposed to be offended at the sight of a blacklisted object and therefore feels compelled and empowered to destroy that object of popular offense.

    I hope the school stands firm.

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