A Quick Roundup Of Confederate Related News

Reidsville, NC Community rallies to clean defaced Confederate monument

Charlotte, NC Two Confederate monuments vandalized

Durham, NC  Confederate monument vandalized

Graham, NC  Thousands sign petition to protect Confederate monument



3 thoughts on “A Quick Roundup Of Confederate Related News

  1. Up in Indiana where I live, I’ve seen more Confederate Flag license plates than usual since the war-on-southern-heritage began in June (or maybe I’ve just been noticing them more). But in my social circles, including the local tea party, or listening to public conversations, there seems to be little interest in the subject one way or another.

    How riled up would you say that average North Carolinians are on this subject, Roger? What have you noticed?

    • Flags everywhere. Lots of license plates, but also large Battle Flags flying from pick up beds and Harleys. Its not uncommon to see a truck flying three flags: Battle Flag, Gadsden flag and NC state flag. I see various Confederate flags flying from houses, too.

      Its pretty cool.

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