European Invasion


5 thoughts on “European Invasion

  1. A nice balance of videos, one horrific and the other inspirational. Will the white civilizations reawaken? Who can say?

    The Western and Eastern Europeans ought to be working together to uphold our Christian civilizations against our foreign threats. Instead, we seem poised to engage in another fratricidal world war.

    • Foreign enemies are less dangerous today than internal enemies. The problem is we aren’t united as individual nations, our enemies have managed to insinuate themselves so well that most think they are us and in doing so have created the idea of the proposition nation within European and European derived nations. The posterity that the founding fathers of the US spoke of has been led to believe that it doesn’t exist, or that it shouldn’t.

      Considering writing an actual article style post on this subject maybe next week.

      As for fratricidal wars, that’s Europe’s history, nobody fights more than brothers.

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