The Simple Answer Protestors Ignore

‘One of the things I find fascinating is that may of today’s protestors of this and that have never stopped to examine the world that would result if they had their ‘druthers. A friend was engaged in protesting logging of certain areas of the mountains and building access structures to get to the natural gas. Although her house was equipped with a wood stove, she preferred the gas heater. She never made the connection that if all her protests were successful, she’d have to be living in a smaller house and would not be able to afford the gas to heat even that. Many advocates ask almost rhetorically “Why can’t we just get rid of the oil wars and the military and the globalism and just do something else with our time and resources?” We can’t. If we get rid of our dependency on oil, Chinese slave labor, immigrant labor, exploiting the environment, and the credit economy, we’d suddenly find ourselves living a lot smaller. If all advocates and protestors lived as small as they would have to if their protests were successful, they wouldn’t have to protest in the first place.’

From a now defunct blog called How Many Mile From Babylon


4 thoughts on “The Simple Answer Protestors Ignore

  1. The perfect example of that is when the guy asked the OWS protester in NY to give him the laptop he had.
    Look what the paid protesters in Keiv last year managed to bring on themselves.
    I’ve just about reached the point where I will say, yeah give them whatever they want. Want the military out of foreign lands ? Want free drugs ? Want a paycheck that you don’t work for ? Want coal and oil production stopped? Want police to stop doing their job ? Sure, lets see how all that works out for you.

  2. We are preparing our family to be able to live mostly independent of the modern system. Our 6 boys (so far) will be building a homestead community, Lord willing. We will be quite content not to have all the so-called luxuries. The problem with these protestors, as you stated, is that they want to maintain their current lifestyle without paying a price. And you cannot have goodness or peace or justice unless we submit to the law of God through Jesus Christ.

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