Assassination Attempts On Cops In NC


— Police and Durham officials said Tuesday that they are disturbed by two shootings within four days in which police officers appeared to have been targeted by gunmen.

Last Thursday night, Officer J.T. West was sitting in his patrol car on Lakeland Street when two men approached his vehicle from behind. As West got out of his car, one of the men pulled out a gun and fired six shots at West, who dove for cover. West wasn’t wounded in the incident and managed to return fire as the two men fled, police said.

On Monday afternoon, someone fired a shot at the apartment of an off-duty officer. The officer wasn’t wounded, but a sliding glass door to his dining room was shattered. The unidentified officer said he saw a man running into some nearby woods after the shooting.


If you worry about trigger happy cops now, wait until the cops think every encounter is a possible execution.


3 thoughts on “Assassination Attempts On Cops In NC

  1. Any police officers not already on high alert, need to be, nationwide.
    Its not just the Ferguson and NYPD protestors they need to be wary of. The internet is full of cop-haters and cop-baiters and oddly enough they call themselves patriots. Places like;
    I think the perceived cop problem people have is simple. Here is Fred Reed’s answer;

    • I am familiar with the sites you mentioned, and, yeah, they’re nuts. Kent of kentforliberty is an outright anarchist and Kerodin is either nuts or an agent provocateur.

      Fred Reed’s sarcastic solution would not solve anything as the ‘diverse’ neighborhoods would descend to Port Au Prince levels of disfunction and the varmints would scream racism and burn the cities anyway. To make it work would require segregation laws, which would cause ‘the diversity’ to scream racism and burn the cities. The cities are going to burn regardless of what we do.

  2. “The cities are going to burn regardless of what we do.”
    Maybe, or maybe the gov and leftist will keep pouring massive amounts of tax-payer dollars into them and keep the ghetto-dwellers somewhat in line and at the same time line the pockets of their social engineering friends. That is, until the next depression.
    Or maybe conservatives will get back all three offices of government in 2016 and reverse some of the past 40 years. That would take a Chesty Puller size pair of balls, so maybe you are right. The cities are going to burn regardless of what we do.

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