New Twist On Lennon Lacy Case

Lennon Lacy was the 17 year old black kid found hanging from swing set. The family has contacted the NAACP and FBI convinced that Lacy was lynched.

Now a 32 year old white woman has come out saying she is Lacy’s girlfriend.

Daily Mail

‘Brimhall said: ‘In February I left my husband Michael and I left Illinois and I went to North Carolina.’

Although 15 years older than Lennon the short but sparky mother-of-three says she hit it off with the teenager after they were introduced through friends. They became neighbors, living across the road from each other in a public housing complex.

She said: ‘I found everything about Lennon attractive. He was tall and strong and he acted much older than what he was. He had a very good soul.

‘We talked about everything. He talked about school, his mom and dad, my kids, everything going on in life. We was together every day until I started college and he went back to school.’

A gifted athlete, Lennon hoped for a career as a professional American football player. And despite the gaping age difference the pair made plans for a future together.

Ms Brimhall said: ‘I wanted Lennon to fulfill his dreams. Go into the NFL and play for the Washington Redskins.

‘We had made plans to move to Charlotte after he finished high school where he could go to school until he could get into the NFL.’

Michelle Brimhall, 32, mother of 3

Michelle Brimhall, 32, mother of 3


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