Dead Black Kid Sparks March

MSN also WRAL and probably others.

Bladenboro, NC

Lennon Lacy was found hanging from a swing set at 7:25 am August 29. Local police have ruled it a suicide, but the family has contacted the NAACP.

NAACP state president ‘Rev’ William J barber II,  of ‘Moral Monday‘ fame, has opined that the cops half-assed the investigation because racism, and that Lacy may have been lynched.

Bladen County DA Jon David has defended the case and the asked the FBI to look into it because the family will only cooperate with feds.

Maybe they’ll burn Bladenboro down in remembrance of Lennon Lacy, but I doubt it. The pops too small, too old and there’s no face to draw devil horns on.




6 thoughts on “Dead Black Kid Sparks March

  1. Without knowing anything about the case besides what’s reported in these news stories, there does seem to be enough of a question in motives of the victim and the physical evidence that a second look isn’t out of the question. Of course the blacks will always cry “racism” when they aren’t treated like royalty, but if they’ve got a legitimate gripe, why not look?

    All of this intervention from the feds in these cases is admittedly unsettling. How long before these second looks become constant oversight and eventually a national police force?

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