Far Sighted Resolution May Save Danville Flag

Via Daily Kenn


Danville, Va

‘The board of directors at the Danville Museum of Fine Arts and History wants it gone but an agreement signed 20 years ago says it can’t be touched.

The board of directors sent a letter to Danville City Council last month asking members to remove the Confederate flag, referencing a three-year plan for the museum that doesn’t involve that flag.

“It seems that we keep being tested for our Southern heritage. People want to keep taking that part of history away from us, and I just don’t agree with that,” said Frank Harvey, president of the local chapter of the Sons of the Confederate Veterans.

The last design of the Confederate flag flies high over the museum known as the last capitol of the confederacy.

But a resolution from the City of Danville in 1994 states that no one can change what’s written on the monument, “… nor shall the city, its successor in interest, or any tenant of the property remove or alter the flag flying from this monument for the purposes of historical accuracy. Only the third National Flag of the Confederacy shall fly from this monument.”

City Council is meeting Thursday to talk about its options.’

The Bloodstained Banner

The Bloodstained Banner





3 thoughts on “Far Sighted Resolution May Save Danville Flag

  1. Identify the BOD and take them out. This insanity must stop. There is no accountability in America anymore. The POTUS accepts none; Congress none; the Press none. But look at Presbyterian Hospital where a black (Negro) from Africa failed to notify personnel where he hailed from, yet now the Press, bureaucrats (who NEVER are held to account), and Congress (in all of its wisdom) wants the hospital investigated. They are looking for a lynching. A PC lynching. If anyone gets lynched, it ought to be people like this BOD’s, and it ought to be the real thing.

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