The Cure For libertarianism: Kids

Fines et Initia

When I was a young man, I despised authority and wanted to be left alone, and I thought that society would be much better off with a “live and let live” legal and social system.  If someone wanted to screw up his life or the lives of his family, then it was no business of the government or society or mine.  Those who would impose their beliefs on others were the enemies of freedom, I believed.

But like many young men, I got married and raised a family, and my views began to change. I started to care about the influences of society upon my children, and about what kind of country and world my children and grandchildren would live in.  I wanted them to value the foundations that I had grown up with (which I had before rejected). Responsibility had caused me to grow up.  Inside my mind, Patulcius challenged Clusivius more often, till I could sometimes find very little peace.




One of the faces, looking to our right and called Patulcius, is the headstrong and determined side of Janus, tending to authoritarian ideals. Patulcius looks to history and upholds the traditions of Christianity and Western civilization, and the well-being of Western nations. Patulcius sees world events as a struggle between divine and demonic forces.


The other face—the easy-going, more open-minded, left-facing Clusivius—dislikes authority and prefers a more individualistic outlook. Clusivius looks to the future and contemplates changes. While Christian, Clusivius takes an interest in the well-being of other civilizations as well as the Western. Clusivius tends to believe that elitist conspiracies play a major part in world events.


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