1000+ Illegal Alien Kids In NC

Watchdog Wire

What would you say if you read that 1,191 illegal immigrant children arrested at the southern border this year are being housed in North Carolina and taxpayers don’t have a clue about where?

From Catholic Charities to nonprofit agencies that deal with refugees and undocumented children and adults, few will tell. When Watchdog Wire contacted the Diocese of Charlotte Catholic Charities, we were told plans were being formulated, but we should inquire in a month or so.

Even Governor Pat McCrory says “communications have been very, very poor” about who these illegal immigrants are, where they are going and who their sponsors are.

In an interview with Fox and Friends on July 26, the governor brought up the fact that he and other governors spoke to the new HHS Secretary Sylvia Burwell a couple weeks ago, and they were informed that many of the sponsors are undocumented illegal immigrants.

McCrory says the lack of investigation of sponsors means that states which accept these youth will be permanently responsible for them. He said the likelihood that undocumented sponsors will return the children back to immigration officials to be deported is slim.

The whole thing with video here.



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