If This Works, It Proves That Republican Voters Are The Stupidest

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Rick Perry is trying to climb out of his coffin. Less than three years after the Texas governor’s humiliating fall from grassroots GOP favorite to late night TV punchline, two new polls show he is again competitive among Republican presidential candidates [Rick Perry. So hot right now.By Aaron Blake, Washington Post, July 18, 2014]. Incredibly, Perry using Americans’ disgust at Barack Obama’s border dissolution to further his ambitions. It’s a scam.

Perry is sure acting like a candidate—he’s been conducting border tours with immigration squish Sean Hannity and posing with the talk show host in paramilitary garb alongside a machine gun.

Perry also grabbed headlines by slamming Obama for showing up at Texas fundraisers while refusing to visit the border. Perry volunteered to show the President around, quipping that if he “is really serious about securing that border, we can show him how to do that.”

Good red meat for Red State voters. The panelists on the McLaughlin Group last weekend were near-unanimous in their praise of Rick Perry’s political skill during the crisis. Washington Times editor Guy Taylor said: “This is affecting Rick Perry more than it is Barack Obama – positively.” Eleanor Clift said: “Rick Perry outmaneuvered President Obama.” Mort Zuckerman added that Perry looked “presidential” in how he addressed the situation. Even Pat Buchanan noted: “I think Rick Perry is holding his own. He’s winning.” [McLaughlin Group: Rick Perry’s Handling of Border Crisis Bolsters 2016 Chances, by Jeff Poor , Breitbart, July 13, 2014]

And praise of Perry was not limited to one Sunday talk show. The Dallas Morning News’ Gromer Jeffers noted that Perry “has turned the flood of children crossing the border to escape circumstances in Central America into an opportunity to repair his national reputation.” [Perry capitalizing politically on border crisis, July 14, 2014] Bill O’Reilly, now opportunistically squishy on immigration, said that Perry is emerging as a top GOP contender for 2016 and that “the man taking the most advantage of the situation is Texas Governor Rick Perry, who has now become Mr. Obama’s primary adversary.”


As I noted before Perry announced his 2012 campaign, he has had a long and consistent record of opposing border security, supporting Amnesty, and giving privileges to illegal aliens. These statements actions are undeniably partially complicit the current crisis.

Perry’s defense of granting in-state tuition to illegal aliens was particularly obnoxious. He claimed: “If you say that we should not educate children who come into our state for no other reason than that they’ve been brought their through no fault of their own, I don’t think you have a heart.” Of course, this allowed Romney to pivot to the right with the response“I think if you’re opposed to illegal immigration it doesn’t mean that you don’t have a heart. It means you have a heart and a brain.”

The whole thing here.


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