Grievance Monkeys Get Their Way, As usual

We knew it was bound to happen.

Via Amren

Washington Post

Washington and Lee University expressed regret Tuesday for the school’s past ownership of slaves and promised to remove Confederate flags from the main chamber of its Lee Chapel after a group of black students protested that the historic Virginia school was unwelcoming to minorities.


You can read the rest here, but you’ve read it before. I just wonder how long they’ll let Lee’s remains stay in the chapel before “The Committee” starts feeling oppressed again.



8 thoughts on “Grievance Monkeys Get Their Way, As usual

  1. Roger this illustrates very well the ignorance of the history of Mr. Lee at Washington & Lee University. After the War for Southern Independence he did more while working at the University than any other man north or south to change attitudes and bring the country together again. He encouraged (demanded) students to forget about the past, join hands and move on.

    This crap is nothing more than Progressives working to cause further division between white and black. None of these students were ever in chains nor was I ever a slave owner. Yet the black race today feels whites owe them for “their” oppressive years. Do the blacks then owe each other as a result of blacks selling blacks into slavery, a well documented fact being so conveniently ignored?

    This also demonstrates the difference between the Negro race and the American Indian. No one has as much right to complain as the Indian yet we don’t see them rioting and burning cities because they didn’t get their way! There are exceptions but as a general rule the American Indian is an honorable person full of pride in their heritage.

  2. Since the grievance monkeys spent so much time looking for things to chastise us about, I feel I have a solemn duty to give them plenty of opportunities. We wouldn’t want all their effort to be wasted would we ?

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