A Tale Of Two Immigrants

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Most of the impoverished immigrants hail from Central America, and many come with children. They often turn themselves over to authorities immediately after crossing the river, following the advice of smugglers, friends and relatives, who tell them they will eventually be released and allowed to continue to their destination.


All through the night, government buses idle near the border wall–a mile or two from the river–awaiting loads of immigrants. The zone is patrolled by no fewer than six local, state and federal law-enforcement agencies, including gunboats crewed by Texas state troopers with night-vision goggles and the Border Patrol’s white and green trucks. Helicopters swoop above the winding waterway.

But there’s little cat-and-mouse pursuit. Every day, hundreds of immigrants walk up to agents, wave to their remote cameras or simply wait to be picked up on the side of a road like Trevino’s group in the park.

The whole thing here

Oleksandra Bronova and her American husband, Bryan Price, were trying to enter the United States from Mexico on Friday, but things didn’t go according to plan.

Bronova is from southeast Ukraine in an area where heavy fighting and violence was taking place just blocks away from her apartment. She is a Cambridge graduate, is fluent in five languages and has no criminal history.

Price is an American citizen and former U.S. Marine. He told KFOX14 that after Bronova’s family fled Ukraine he began to feel concerned about her safety, and leased her a house in Juarez, where he lived at the time and where she had a visitor’s permit. He said the two of them could then work on processing her U.S. visa paperwork.


The couple, legally married in El Paso County, showed up at the bridge on Friday with their marriage license and a binder full of other documents.


He said border agents immediately pulled the couple into a secondary room.

“They started to ask, ‘Well, why didn’t she finish her documents in the Ukraine?’ And I said, ‘Well, there’s a war in her region. That’s the reason why.’ And they started asking us why she just couldn’t return and I said, ‘Well, there’s still battling going on to this day there,’” Price said. “She was then handcuffed and taken into another room.”

Price said he spoke to the man who was processing them and said if there was a serious issue they would just go back to Juarez.

“He ignored me. About an hour later, he comes in, and gets me and says we’ve decided to detain her,” he said.

Price said the agents took his wife to an El Paso processing facility, which wasn’t unexpected.

However, things changed when he called the next morning.

“They informed me at that point that she had been moved to Otero federal prison facility–Otero unit one. Well, this is where things started to go very bad,” Price said.

Price said he was told El Paso facilities were filled to capacity, which is why Bronova was transferred.

He immediately drove to the Otero County Prison see her, and she greeted him shackled and chained.


The whole thing here

So, will amnesty only apply to third worlders?


4 thoughts on “A Tale Of Two Immigrants

  1. THIS will be the Democrats downfall. The final straw. When the ACA Snafu (recent court decision) hits the airwaves, virtually ending that nightmare, the Dens will be completely out of moves. Except for one. Expect some crazy things to be hurled at us.

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