OBX Weathers Arthur

Rodanthe and Waves seem to have gotten the worst of the soundside flooding.



Island Free Press


Much of the damage of Hatteras involved downed or uprooted trees and tree limbs and other debris on the ground, roads, and driveways.

There was also scattered damage to roofs.

Sound flooding was minimal on the southern end of the island with more significant storm surge in Avon and, especially, in Rodanthe.

In north Rodanthe, campers were blown around. In one campground, a camper is still missing.

At the height of the hurricane, 2,200 Hatteras Island customers of Cape Hatteras Electric Cooperative were without power. By early this afternoon, all major circuits were back online and only scattered outages remained.

National Park Service facilities at the Cape Hatteras National Seashore are still closed, including beaches, which are closed to vehicles but open to pedestrians. There has been no word from the Park Service today about when beaches, the lighthouses, and other facilities will reopen.

The July 4 fireworks on the Avon Pier have been rescheduled to 9 p.m. on Monday, July 7. The Fourth in the Village celebration, planned for today in Hatteras village, has been cancelled.


Ocracoke on this Independence Day is out of power but is cleaning up after Hurricane Arthur passed close to the island in the early morning hours.

The island was spared soundside flooding, but an estimated 30 power poles are down throughout the village and along Highway 12. The north end of Highway 12 is covered by 1 to 2 feet of sand and ocean overwash.

A lot of trees are damaged or downed. There’s plenty of tree debris all over the village and some damage to buildings.

At the Deputy Control Group of about 12 officials and business owners meeting this morning, Justin Gibbs, Hyde County emergency services director, said Tideland Electric was bringing over three crews as soon as the Pamlico Sound ferry channels were deemed safe, which they hoped would be around 1 p.m.

All 1,300 customers on Ocracoke are without power. It is hoped that the generator on Ocracoke will be powered up sometime today. If so, it will be on one-third power, which means that the island will be divided into three sections and power will rolled around with two hours on and four hours off.

That won’t much help the local restaurants and businesses that don’t have their own generators.

Tideland does not expect full power to be restored before Sunday.

The evacuation on Ocracoke was voluntary, and officials have estimated there were still 9,000 visitors on the island.

Since there still are many visitors, the group decided that a curfew will be in effect nightly from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. until full power is restored.

[Are they worried about looting?! That seems unlikely. -Roger]

On Thursday the control group authorized Gibbs to request emergency help from the state in the form of pallets of bottled water and meals-ready-to-eat, as well as a Salvation Army canteen. However, today the group decided that the situation here was not dire enough for those provisions.

It also released a medical team that was on standby Thursday.

Even though the state-of-emergency is still in effect, the group agreed to allow alcohol sales.

As for ferry service, Jed Dixon, a deputy Ferry Division director, said in a phone conference with the group that access to the Hatteras-Ocracoke ferry from Hatteras side will be restricted to infrastructure needs and emergency services.

Residents will be allowed to use the ferry on Saturday. If they do not have their new re-entry permits, last-year’s placard or a driver’s license showing Ocracoke residency will suffice, Dixon said.

In the meantime, the Ferry Division has waived the fees for anyone wishing to leave on ferries to Swan Quarter and Cedar Island.

Ed Fuller, supervisor of the Ocracoke District of the Cape Hatteras National Seashore, said the beach and other park facilities are closed until further notice.

While a full slate of July 4 activities, including the Old Time Parade, have now been cancelled, the traditional flag-raising ceremony with Ocracoke Boy Scout Troop #290 will take place tomorrow (Saturday) morning at 9 a.m. at the flag circle at the Ocracoke School along School Road.








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