Two Fake Preists (One A Fake Man) And A Fake Church

I know we’re not supposed to judge, but c’mon.


WASHINGTON (AP) — An openly transgender Episcopal priest is set to preach at Washington National Cathedral.

The Rev. Dr. Cameron Partridge, the Episcopal chaplain at Boston University, will be a guest preacher on Sunday. He’ll be the first openly transgender priest to preach from Canterbury Pulpit at the cathedral.

The Right Rev. Gene Robinson, the first openly gay Episcopal bishop, will preside at the service. It’s part of the cathedral’s celebration of LGBT pride month.

The service will also include readings and prayers from members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community.

The Very Rev. Gary Hall, dean of the cathedral, says he hopes Partridge’s appearance “will send a symbolic message in support of greater equality for the transgender community.”


4 thoughts on “Two Fake Preists (One A Fake Man) And A Fake Church

  1. We can’t judge in the eternal sense, but in the temporal sense this case is clear.

    If these people even read their bibles, do they just explain most of it away? Keep the parts they like, and declare that the rest of it is figurative language? Why even go to a church if you don’t believe? Surely there are better social clubs out there.

    The only satisfaction here is that the episcopals are a dying denomination.

  2. They (the Episcopal wanna-be Church) can have their new Bible. And die off rapidly. I don’t expect them to continue long at all. Not as a major consideration as a Church.

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