Pure practicality

Pure practicality


19 thoughts on “Overkill?

  1. Two questions, one comment.
    1) Why the radiator?
    2) Where does the driver sit to be able to see?
    3) I hope he isn’t planning on painting those doors!!

    I agree, that’s overkill. LOL!

      • Yep, it was actually my personal car and not too far off from that photo. I did catch a guy running from a burglary one night as he was being chased by uniforms. I pulled up and shouted, “Come on!”, he hopped in. I handcuffed him. He cursed my car.

          • Have heard of someone who is employed as a Democrat aide and their office assistant per IP tracked but there is no way that I could ever substantiate an allegation of that nature. It is incumbent upon wordpress to handle those matters however, they in turn say that it is the person using the platform who must do the enforcement and investigating plus the prevention which is sheer incompetency on wordpress’ part as only they can handle their controls. In fact, I believe there could be possibly an employee of wordpress doing some of the harm, but again, there is only a child-like mindset when computers are involved as people have become irresponsible and immature especially within this previous decade.
            I again reloaded the wordpress platform and went through the obligatory opening of wp files and the results continues as nothing. Slow and/or non-functional. Initially, I had found that anything that I was trying to post concerning Obama, would not post and the dashboard was going non-functional. The issues exist only on wordpress, as anywhere else I go, everything is okay. Then, files inside of my computer deleting by themselves. All wp files and it took out somewhere around 100 downloads, a download section listed in the computer and nearly every pdf file that I had but, that is not where I store my files. My article files are elsewhere. What was removed were gun maintenance related of field manuals, and similar.
            I need to get back to trying to see if I can get the blog up again. I also need to try and find out of the Microsft and Windows files deleted, if any were critical to operating the computer on wordpres or elsewhere. All of this and, I am babysitting my youngest granddaughter during the day, and hearing Old Granny complain in the late afternoon (people wonder why I go to bed early).

          • Just now, After I replied to you, I went to place a photograph back onto the header. The photos are all gone and Windows Defender flashed red indicating a problem. I looked and there was a Java Obfuscator Q, that was found and removed. The Defender program stated that it would forward files to Microsoft but, that is rubbish. Millions of people using computers and both Microsoft and WordPress work as partners, so absolutely nothing positive nor productive will be resulted.

          • We all, have the same common enemy. Two individuals have been named, by others who had the same attacks. Results will be zero. Protected by Democrat Party. The deeper reasons lie within the question of why, conservative blogs were attacked. The once “sideshow” bloggers, are today, not the same element that comprised blogging a few years back, and realization that today’s bloggers are a savvy and intelligent group of people, as well as the people reading the blogs. We all go beyond, “You have to pass it to find out what’s in it”, mentality. My wife bitterly complains, and she is, a registered Democrat and liberal. She sounds brain-dead as Pelosi at times. Vast difference of opinion between conservatives and liberals.

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