Vox Day On Weaponizing Girls

Vox Day

It is apparent that the cunning plan of Western liberals to destroy the Dar al-Islam  by pushing secularized Western education on Islamic women has been comprehended by the strategists of the global Caliphate. The jihadists are responding in two ways, by infiltrating and taking over educational facilities in the West and by destroying Western educational facilities in the South and East. The very name of the Nigerian group illustrates that they grasp the Western tactic.

Now liberals like Kristof are aghast at the fact that the very young women they intentionally turned into cultural weapons on behalf of their secular ideals are being targeted for enslavement and destruction. But what else did they expect? It would appear they were misled by the widespread failure of the Christians of the West to respond to the successful capture of their daughters by the secular establishment into thinking that the Muslims of the South and East would be similarly complacent.



3 thoughts on “Vox Day On Weaponizing Girls

  1. Its funny how the left is always going on about the “War on Women” and “we should be tolerant of all cultures and religions” and yet they
    extoll the most intolerant, female oppressing culture and religion in the history of the world, Islam. I saw a lot of females wearing hijabs at the protest that caused Condi Rice to back out of the Rutgers speaking engagement.
    They, the left, will use any issue, cause or person they can engineer to suit their cause, destroying the fabric of America.
    I have seen with my owns eyes and boots on the ground what Boko Haram, Dar al-Islam and Al-Queda do to people they don’t like. They are NOT isolated incidents by a few individuals.

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