The Culture War Is Not A Debate

Faith And Heritage


Traditional American liberty, as the Tea Party and Christian Right have wanted to define it, existed only in the early days of America, where the society was almost exclusively Christian and Caucasian and operating in a predominantly rural, agrarian environment. However, with the development of industrialism, secular humanism, and then consequently materialism, the breach in American society has exacerbated to a point beyond repair.

America’s massive and balkanized population, which is by-and-large apathetic to religion and has no organic cultural essence, is unsure of itself and ripe for a tyrant’s picking, be he left-wing or right-wing. To make matters worse for the Tea Party, the concepts of self-government and rugged individualism, which forged the American republic, no longer exist and cannot be duplicated. Furthermore, the hostile nature of the Left-Right paradigm in America provides a society that cannot dialogue with itself, but rather is in hostile confrontation that is mitigated only by an overarching police state.

Therefore, given the totality of both the revolutionary Left’s vision and the sum of the Christian Right and white nationalist movements, can fundamentalist right-wingers really be angry with the Leftist power structure spying on the citizenry? From a personal security perspective, yes, one should be upset; it is never comforting to have a police state investigating your every move. However, from a philosophical perspective, right-wingers at this stage must concede that these government tactics are not inherently bad, but rather a new tactic of the trade in the Left-Right paradigm.

Envision for a moment, that the “Right” has won. Fundamentalist Christians and white nationalists hold a majority in both chambers of congress and the presidency, and America is marching forward to affirming her ancient heritage; Leftists are shaking in their Toms at the thought of the “revolution lost.” Would not we, if given the power, use the IRS to investigate Media Matters, the Southern Poverty Law Center, the American Civil Liberties Union, the Anti-Defamation League, and the Center for American-Islamic Relations? Would we not audit the leaders of grassroots Leftist groups in order to intimidate them and bankrupt their power? Would we not seek to utilize the exact weapons they are willing to employ?


The Left has conquered America in part due to their understanding that the morality of their beliefs is total and that anything opposing them is completely immoral. Many American “conservatives” are utterly dumbfounded that the Leftists do not tolerate opposition speech, which to them is an affront to the spirit of Americana; but the Left engages in this form of one-sided toleration by thinking that anything contrary to their worldview is completely evil. American rightists, most of whom are Christian, do not share this same totality.

Liberty, as the American Right wishes to define it, can no longer exist. There is no common understanding of what freedom even means in America. For the Right it is “freedom of,” which is a defensive, amoral position, while for the Left it is “freedom from,” which is an attacking, aggressive, assertive position that will eradicate any foe that stands in the way. The American Right, in order to remain true to the vision of George Washington, must tolerate its opposition, while the Left, remaining true to the orthodoxy of its patriarch Karl Marx, can smash, bully, intimidate, and even kill its opposition and feel nothing but a moral reassurance, for they have advanced the revolution one step farther.


The only way for modern conservatives to defend the Constitution is to destroy it. One cannot long live in a system where one side is defending an opposition’s right to gain power and tyrannize the population. It is in actuality far from simply being naïve; it is in fact a gross act of irresponsibility to not fight by all manner of means to destroy an enemy that seeks to shackle us in politically correct straitjackets and, if that does not work, put us into FEMA Camps.

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4 thoughts on “The Culture War Is Not A Debate

  1. These conclusions are correct if we have the Christian manpower to enact them. However, we don’t at this time.

    How do we cultivate a cohesive Christian sub-society that will resist and ultimately defeat the red tide of egalitarian progressivism?

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